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Positive Behavior Training for Security Officers

Zoo Guards
Positive Behavior Training for Security Officers By: Stuart J. Visnov, Chief Executive Officer, Echelon Protection & Surveillance Word count: 662 When hiring security officers, you want to employ individuals who are highly-trained in crisis management, adept at handling conflict with professionalism and wisdom,  capable of de-escalating encounters, and, perhaps most importantly, level-headed during times of stress. […]
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School Security: The Importance of Highly Trained School Security Officers

School Security: The Importance of Highly Trained School Security Officers By: Stuart J. Visnov, Chief Executive Officer, Echelon Protection & Surveillance Word count: 682 In the past several years, we have seen our schools become the site of deadly mass shootings. According to statistic from FBI records in 2016, there had been 50 mass murders or […]
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Peace of mind despite the rise in hate crimes

Hate crime photo
On February 27, 2017 the untoward happened in the least expected place. Over 100 headstones were vandalized in Mount Carmel cemetery, a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia, on the heels of similar acts of anti-Semitism in Missouri over the previous weekend. Gravestones that had stood for years were knocked down, many of them cracked in two. […]
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5 Smart Ways to Protect Your Inventory

Protect your inventory photo
Whether you own a large chain of stores or a single boutique, one of the most difficult parts of managing your own business can be ensuring that your products are safe—from the moment they leave the warehouse to their security while on your premises. As much as we don’t like to think about retail loses […]
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Rethinking Physical Security In The Age Of Terrorism

security guard photo
As terrorist attacks become more frequent and more deadly, the threat of terrorism is becoming a much larger concern. For better protection, we will need to look at how the world is changing, what it is leading us to, and the steps that can be taken today for better security. What Has Changed? It may […]
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How to Hire a Professional Security Guard

Did you ever consider what qualifies someone to be a security guard? If you’re looking for expert public or private security, it’s up to you to perform your own due diligence. Although each state has its own standards to become a professional security guard – some states in fact have virtually none. This means it’s […]
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Protecting Our Public Venues from the Threat of Terrorism

Three unifomred security guards
Terrorism is one of the gravest problems that society faces today and is an issue of both national and global concern. The violence, damage and destruction from a terrorist attack can be felt across the globe, which is why it’s now imperative that we become more involved in a strategic vision to protect ourselves, our […]
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Protecting Your Business At All Times

Security guard with video monitoirng
Why Combining Video Surveillance with Onsite Security is Invaluable A common question we receive from organizations in a variety of industries is whether integrating video surveillance with their onsite security is a worthwhile investment for their business needs. No matter the size of your organization, the answer is yes due to several significant reasons that […]
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How to Hire a Security Partner Instead of a Provider

Echelon protection and surveillance
Effective security is significant to a successful business and therefore selecting the right security partner for your organization is a process that shouldn’t be overlooked. The wrong choice can impact your safety, productivity and how your company is perceived, along with your bottom line. Although there are many security companies to choose from, it is […]
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Keep Your Company Safe from High Risk Employees

Two empty chairs
How to Prevent Workplace Violence During Termination Terminating employees is one of the most stressful and unpleasant aspects of doing business, but necessary for continuing the success of your company. Often an employee being terminated won’t expect it and can turn violent or aggressive due to a surge in emotions. They can act out through […]
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