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Building and Construction Site Security

Building and Construction Site Security

• Construction site crime is pervasive in the United States, yet many small builders and contractors learn about it the hard way
• Building site security protects you from vandalism, theft, and the costly delays that lead to embarrassment and lost time
• Our construction site security experts will help you develop security protocols utilizing highly-trained certified guards and modern surveillance technology
• A preliminary on-site security assessment identifies key areas where your construction site may be vulnerable to trespassers, thieves, and vandals
• Our flexible building site security options means you can personalize your security protocols to meet your budgetary demands and changing schedules

A Proactive Construction Site Security Plan Will Save You Money

Vandalism and theft on a construction site can cost you far more than the price of lost or damaged equipment and materials. Building site crimes can also cause costly work delays, resulting in a shrinking bottom line and permanent damage to your company’s reputation.

Research shows that construction site crime costs more than $1 billion per year in the United States. While larger construction companies understand the value of mitigating these losses by implementing sound building site security protocols, smaller builders and contractors often learn the hard way.

A proactive approach to construction site security seeks to anticipate challenges posed by theft and vandalism, and then develop security protocols that prevent setbacks while working within the builder’s timeline and budget.

Prevention should be the ultimate goal of any jobsite security plan, and at Echelon Protection & Surveillance we have the personnel and tools to meet your unique security challenges and deter unlawful activity or union intimidation.

Your Security Plan Starts with a Comprehensive Jobsite Assessment

Before deploying guards and developing your personalized protocols, a security expert will conduct a comprehensive on-site assessment of your construction site. This preliminary site evaluation is invaluable because it allows us to identify areas that are most vulnerable and likely to be targeted by criminals.

Research indicates that thieves and vandals case building sites during daylight hours to evaluate soft targets and learn the routines and hours of the workforce. After identifying these key areas, we can then work with you to develop a preliminary security plan that ensures protection of your assets.

Some of the preliminary security measures we may consider for your jobsite may include:

• Perimeter Fencing
• Access Control
• Temporary Surveillance Cameras
• Exterior Lighting
• Deterrent Signage
• A Strategic Jobsite Layout
• Random Guard Shifts

By making your tools, equipment, and materials highly visible and difficult to access, we’ve taken the first step toward protecting them. The next step is to coordinate guards and surveillance equipment to complete your personalized security protocols.

Building Site Security

Certified Security Officers & On-Site Surveillance

As with your preliminary security measures, we seek to deploy officers in such a way that they act as a highly visible deterrent to trespassers and would-be criminals. Security patrols manifest a constant highly visible physical presence on site, forcing potential perpetrators to look elsewhere for an easier target.

Site surveillance is another valuable security measure, especially on larger sites with multiple access points. Our vigilant security guards are fully trained to use surveillance equipment, and report and document all activities to reduce risk of liability.

How can you be sure that your investment on construction site security is being well spent? Our certified security officers keep you fully informed with verified guard reporting 24/7. Not only does this documentation allow you to view instant reports and significantly reduce liability, but it also helps our guards stay on task and maintain a timetable of their checkpoint activities.

We also provide you with daily security logs, complete with digital photos that identify areas of risk, so that protocols can be updated. A security account manager is also at your disposal, free of charge, so that you can receive status updates at scheduled meetings.

As one final and important step, we work in tandem with local police to support our security measures, and further our goals of visible deterrence.

Considerations of Special Security Needs

As your security partner, we mitigate your risk and integrate our security measures with stakeholder objectives and specific job site security concerns to ensure that your materials, trailers, and equipment are secure.

This is especially valuable if your building site location poses unique security challenges, like if it’s located in a remote region or within a metro area. Our certified security agents are not only trained to react to situations involving criminal activity, but are also capable of handling unforeseen problems due to weather, emergency situations, or union intimidation.

Our Security Guards are Certified and Highly Trained Experts

While deterrence is the goal of any security plan, when a problem arises you need assurance that your security personnel are capable of handling the situation quickly and effectively. Confronting sudden security challenges on a building site requires experience training and chain-of-command, so that potentially damaging situations can be mitigated before they get out of control.

We only hire security guards that pass our highly-selective vetting process, and possess the skills needed to handle adversity and document their activities. Your building site security specialists will be highly trained problem solvers, with a broad range of clearances and certifications that include:

• Criminal History Clearance
• CPR and First Aid Training
• Drug Testing
• Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB)
• Act 235 Armed

Our certified security officers are also fully capable of operating on-site machinery like fire alarms and safety equipment, in addition to surveillance equipment provided by our company or yours. They are physically fit, uniformed and groomed, proficient and professional. All of which guarantees their unwavering vigilance to protect person and property on your building site.

Start Developing Your Customized Security Plan Today

At Echelon, we work with you to develop a fully personalized construction security plan that protects your investment while keeping you on budget. We will discuss your unique needs and create a comprehensive security strategy utilizing the most highly-trained certified guards in your region.

Echelon Protection & Security are members of:

• ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors)
• Blue Book
• BOMA (Building Owners & Managers Association)

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