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Hiring FT/PT reliable people with clean backgrounds to join growing security guard firm.

  • Start in 1 Week
  • $18 Starting rate
  • FT or PT Flexible Hours
  • Self-Scheduling
  • Paid Vacation, Holidays & Medical Benefits

Convicted felons are prohibited from employment in security firms by law.  Certain other convictions may also disqualify applicants.  If you have any question about your employment eligibility with EPS, please call our Director of Recruiting at (610) 831-0277 prior to submitting an application.


Q: Do you offer health Benefits?

A: Yes, we offer health benefits after your 90-day probation period for individuals that are considered fulltime, meaning any guard who works 30 or more hours per week.


Q: Will I receive security guard training?

A: Yes, all new security guard recruits will receive basic training depending on the job type and location assigned. Guards also receive on the job training with supervision.

Q: Is there room for advancement?

A: Yes, we promote our guards from within based on their track record of hours worked, reliability and prior experience. SEE the Career Steps information on our Website’s Careers Page.  

 Q: How does job Scheduling work?

A: We train each security guard on our easy to use app that allows you to pick up shifts right from your smart phone! Guards are also assigned regularly scheduled shifts based on their track record of hours worked, reliability and prior experience.

Q: How do I get my Echelon uniform?

A: We provide everything you need, including: company branded shirts, hats, sweatshirts, ID badge and seasonal jacket. Guards must wear complete and clean uniforms while on duty.

Q: Do I need a special license or certificate to become a security guard?

A: No license or special training is required to become a security guard in Pennsylvania. However, Echelon guards must pass a pre-employment drug test, PA Child Abuse Clearance, PA State Background check, and an FBI fingerprint.

Q: Do I have to pay for the background checks?

A: Yes, all new hires must initially pay for their own background checks. However, once you complete your 90-day probationary period, Echelon will reimburse you for the cost of the certifications.

Q: How much do the Background Check Certifications cost?

A: The total cost of your background check certificates is about $60.00. The FBI background check is $23.85, The Child Abuse Clearance cost is $13.00, and the PA State Police cost is $22.00. Once you complete your 90-day probationary period, we will reimburse you for the cost of the certifications.

Q: Do I need experience to become a security guard?

A: No, we will train you, provide everything you need to succeed, and supervise you on the job. The key qualities we look for are reliability, punctuality, and work ethic. We welcome people who have comparable experience such as veterans, law enforcement professionals, criminal justice students, educators, first responders, firefighters, county workers, etc.  

Q: What is the typical shift like as an Echelon security guard?

A: Echelon security guards protect and secure people and property by vigilantly standing a post or patrolling specific locations. The main job of a professional security guard is to be a highly visual deterrent to prevent unwanted or illegal activity such as trespassing, vandalism, hazard or theft. Security officers are the eyes and ears on the jobsite, responding to irregularities and reporting any issues to the authorities.

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Echelon’s 7 Tips for a Successful Security Job Interview 

1)      CONFIRM YOUR INTERVIEW: Confirm your job interview appointment by email and show up on time.

2)      COME PREPARED: Be sure all your documents are up to date, including: employment history, driver’s license and security guard license (if mandated by your state).

3)      DRESS FOR SUCCESS: We’re looking for professional security guards who represent our high-end brand. Come well groomed, nicely dressed, remove unusual piercings and cover any visible tattoos.

4)      SELL YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS: The best security guards are respectful, courteous and helpful when interacting with clients, co-workers and the general public.

5)      PROJECT PROFESSIONALISM: A great security guard looks confident, stays alert, takes the time to understand their assigned duties, and can give direction to the public with authority. 

6)      COMMUNICATION IS KEY: Echelon security officers must be able to speak and write in a clear and respectful way, while avoiding inappropriate language.

7)      SHOW YOUR INITIATIVE: Share examples of your work ethic, reliability, problem solving skill, vigilance, and ability to follow directions.

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