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Background Check

Background Checks

• We offer a full menu of Criminal, Employment & Employee Background Checks, suitable for both large and small companiesBackground Checks
• Custom tailored packages that draw from a complete menu of services makes your employment background checks efficient and affordable
• Background records are compiled from hundreds of data sources including courts, law enforcement agencies, and federal government sources
• An easy-to-navigate customer website portal allows you to control the depth and scope of the background check. Protect your company, employees, and bottom line while maintaining a safe and secure place of employment with a reliable security partner

Comprehensive Background Checks for The Public and Private Sector

At Echelon Protection & Surveillance, we recognize the need to ensure your workforce or staff are comprised of quality individuals possessing sound judgment and moral fiber. We hold our security guards to those same standards, utilizing a vetting process that guarantees we employ the best and most highly trained officers in the industry.

Background checks are a key part of this process, and we are proud to make this service available to our valued clients so that they can ensure workplace safety and accountability while eliminating liability. From a basic criminal background check, to more comprehensive background analysis, we can customize our service to achieve your security and budgetary goals.

A Detailed Employee Background Check that You Control

By accessing a convenient online portal specifically assigned to your organization, you can perform your own background checks by submitting your own information to initiate a screening report. This infinitely customizable employment background check program allows you to instantaneously conduct credit checks, multi-state background checks, access motor vehicle records, or any combination thereof.

We work with multiple business partners to leverage hundreds of sources when compiling personal histories that comprise a comprehensive criminal background check. These are just a few of the sources we use to generate background checks:

• State and National Registries of Sex Offenders
• City, Municipal, County, State, and Federal Courts
• State and County Most Wanted Lists
• State Departments of Corrections
• National Wants and Warrants
• US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
• US Drug Enforcement Agency
• US Federal Reserve
• Interpol
• Office of Foreign Assets
• Office of Inspector General
• Terrorism Knowledge Base
• International Sanctions List

Depending on the nature of your business or the type of employee you’re seeking to hire, there may be specific sources of background information that are of special interest. We will work directly with you to customize a background screening menu that meets your vetting needs.

Fast Results on Every Criminal Background Check

The nature of your criminal background check will often determine the speed with which results are obtained. A criminal history check or Motor Vehicle Record check is virtually instantaneous. Other background screenings, like employment verification and credit checks, will render results that depend upon the timeliness of the replying agency. The maximum response time for any background screening is three business days.

Criminal Background Check

Schedule Recurring Background Checks to Monitor Your Workforce

Not only is diligence required to ensure that new hires meet your stringent standards for employment, but it’s also essential to maintain the integrity of the existing workforce. This process is rendered simple with our recurring background check technology, that lets you schedule recurring scans on every employee within any particular timeframe.

The Value of Employee Background Screening

For employers, there are multiple benefits to employee background screening, not the least of which is avoiding costly hiring mistakes. At Echelon, our goal is to become your security partner, helping you accomplish your business objectives by utilizing our powerful and affordable background screening technology.

Verifying the qualifications and background histories of your applicants helps you maintain a competitive edge while increasing the safety and security of your workforce. Not only does a background check seek to uncover past behavior that could have a negative impact on your business, it is also a viable means of identifying false claims on a person’s job application.

Other benefits include:

• Increase the quality of new employee hires
• Minimize violence in the workplace
• Reduces liability for negligent hiring
• Minimize losses from employee theft
• Reduce employee turnover
• Meet all insurance requirements
• Decrease the chance of negative publicity

The goal of every background check is to create a more successful business via better management and higher quality employees who benefit from a safe and consistent work environment. Ultimately, your business will a significant increase in the overall quality of applicants, streamlining the hiring process while minimizing your chances of taking on problem hires.

Customize A Comprehensive Security Plans with The Experts at Echelon

Conducting criminal background checks and employment background screening is another tool in your security arsenal. The security experts at Echelon offer these services independently, or as part of a more comprehensive security plan that may include any or all of our services.

Your needs are unique, so we offer flexible security options that can grow and mature with your business objectives. In addition to background screenings, we offer a comprehensive array of security services that include:

• Armed and Unarmed Certified Security Guards
• Employee Termination Support
• Loss Prevention
• Private Detective Investigations
• Bodyguards
• Surveillance
• Crowd and Parking Management
• Event Security

Contact us today and work with a security expert to fully develop your own comprehensive security plan. Background screening is an invaluable tool to ensure the integrity of your workforce and we are ready to provide you with the information you need to excel in the marketplace.

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