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Featuring Informative Security Insights by CEO, Stuart J. Visnov

Celebrity Security Protection: What You Need to Know

Celebrities need extra security for a lot of reasons. They are constantly in the public eye, and their fame can make them targets for crime or harassment. Protecting celebrities from harm is an important job that requires the use of sophisticated strategies and technology. Here’s what you need to know about celebrity security protection. What […]
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How to Carry Out Employee Terminations with Proper Security

Employee terminations are always a difficult process, but they can be especially challenging when you need to ensure the security of your business. If you’re not careful, sensitive information could be leaked or former employees could seek revenge. In this blog post, we will discuss the best ways to carry out employee terminations in a […]
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On-Site Security Assessments: Why They’re Essential

On-site security assessments are an important part of keeping your business safe. By performing regular security assessments, you can identify potential vulnerabilities and fix them before they turn into a real problem. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of on-site security assessments and why you should consider having one performed for your […]
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The Need for Armed Security Guards: Violent Crimes on the Rise

According to a recent study, there has been an increase in violent crimes in the United States. This is alarming news for business owners and citizens alike. The need for armed security guards has never been greater. In this blog post, we will discuss the statistics behind the rise in violent crimes, and why businesses […]
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The POTUS’ Infrastructure Bill: What It Means for Construction

The POTUS’ infrastructure bill is a huge win for the construction industry. This bill will invest billions of dollars into repairing and building new infrastructure projects across the country. This is great news for construction workers, who have been struggling to find jobs in recent years. The passage of this bill means that many new […]
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Are Your Security Guards State Trained and Certified?

As a business owner, you know that safety is of the utmost importance. You have put in place security measures to protect your employees and your property. But did you know that not all security guards are created equal? In order to ensure that you are getting the best protection possible, it is important to […]
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Supply Chain Issues Are Creating New Security Risks for Several Industries

The interconnectedness of the world’s supply chains has created new opportunities for businesses, but it has also led to a number of security risks. These risks are particularly acute in industries that are dependent on just-in-time delivery, such as retail and manufacturing. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most pressing security […]
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Why You Need to Work with a Security Company That Is Fully Insured

If you’re looking for a security company to help protect your business, it’s important that you work with one that is fully insured. When you partner with an uninsured security company, you’re taking on a lot of risk. If something happens while they are providing security for your business, you could be held liable. In […]
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Police Times Are Slow in Philadephia: Here’s Why

It seems like everywhere you turn these days, someone is talking about how slow the police are to respond to emergencies in Philadephia. In fact, research shows wait times have gotten 20% longer. There have even been lawsuits filed against various departments because of the slow response times. But what many people don’t realize is […]
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Why State Troopers Make Excellent Security Officers

If you’re looking for a security officer who is both highly skilled and well-trained, then you should consider hiring a State Trooper. State Troopers are some of the most highly-trained law enforcement officers in the country, and they have a wealth of experience dealing with security issues. They are also known for being professional and […]
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The Difference Between Event Staff and Security Guards: What You Need to Know

When planning an event, it is important to know the difference between event staff and security guards. Event staff are responsible for providing customer service and ensuring that guests have a good time. Security guards, on the other hand, are responsible for protecting guests and property from harm or theft. In this article, we will […]
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Philadelphia’s Murder Rates are Rising: Why Police Can’t Keep Up

Philadelphia is seeing a dramatic rise in its murder rates and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. More than 120 people have been killed in Philadephia since the beginning of the year, an increase from the year before. This has caused many people to question what is causing this spike and whether […]
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