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Child Protective Services, Security


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive, compassionate, and certified child protective security services available for the children and youth under our care.

Children & Youth Welfare

Every county operates a Children & Youth Welfare Services agency responsible for securing funding, organizing, and managing services for children in need of care due to abuse or neglect. Given the challenges within the Child Welfare system, counties, agencies, institutions, and healthcare facilities across the United States are facing an urgent demand for flexible long and short-term protection services for children and youth.

We help Counties, Agencies, Facilities, and Group Homes Create the right Protection Plan for Children & Youth

Child Protective Services

Echelon has developed a suite of certified child protective services in response to this growing need. These vital security services are administered by specially certified and experienced teams composed of recently retired State Troopers.

Our security agents possess specialized certification to protect and secure children and youth with intellectual disabilities in compliance with County, State, and Federal regulations. Our services include:

  • 24/7 personal protection in group/foster home or facility environments, supporting and safeguarding youths, staff, visitors, and medical and social welfare professionals.
  • Safe transport and escort to healthcare, educational, intake, and group/foster home facilities, including coordination with associated health and welfare authorities.
  • Escort and participation in approved socialization, life skills, and fitness activities.
  • Immediate and appropriate response to daily challenges, emergencies, conflicts, and special requests.
  • Detailed documentation and reporting in accordance with institutional or facility requirements or requests by state or federal agencies.
  • Communication with local law enforcement, county administrators, and facility directors.

Specially Certified Security Agents

Echelon’s security agents, hand-picked for their personality, temperament, and specialized certifications, are recruited almost exclusively from newly retired State Troopers. These professionals bring over 20 years of elite training, real-world experience, and special certifications to the task of safeguarding the children and youth entrusted to the County. Our agents undergo rigorous training and clearance processes, including but not limited to:

  • State Child Abuse Clearance
  • Child Abuse Mandated Report Training & Certificate
  • State Police Criminal Record Clearance
  • FBI Clearance and Fingerprints specific to the Dept of Homeland Security (3800 Clearance)
  • Safe Crisis Management Training & Certification
  • First Aid / CPR Training & Certification
  • Physician’s Statement and COVID-19 Vaccination Card

Child Welfare Funding for Child Protective Services

Specialized protection services for children and youth within the child welfare system are funded by various State and Federal sources, including:

  • Title IV-E of the Social Security Act for foster care, adoption, and guardianship.
  • Title IV-B of the Social Security Act for a range of child welfare services, including maltreatment prevention, family preservation, and services for adopted children.
  • Medicaid covers health-related services such as rehabilitation and treatment for millions of low-income individuals.
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) provides flexible funding for family preservation services, relative foster care payments, and adoption services.
  • Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) Federal funding for prevention, intervention, in-home, and foster care services.

Introducing YES (Youth Essential Services, LLC)

In response to our client’s urgent need for “beds" (homes and facilities for children and youth within the welfare system), Echelon’s Founder will inaugurate a new Group Home concept in late 2024 called YES (Youth Essential Services, LLC). Our initial facility will accommodate 4 to 6 young individuals and employ a licensed and certified full-time staff. YES aims to provide a more compassionate, safer, and healthier living environment for the children and youth under our care.

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