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Featured Clients

Echelon provides a wide range of security solutions for over 70 of businesses, nonprofits, industries and individuals. A full client list is available upon request.

National Museum of American Jewish History
Echelon was chosen over several larger national security firms to provide full-time protection for one of Philadelphia’s newest museums. Responsibilities include strategic planning, security protocols, armed patrols, celebrity protection, special events and 24/7 camera surveillance.

Grandview Speedway
Echelon provides weekend/weekday event security utilizing uniformed agents specially trained in crowd control and spectator safety. Responsibilities include posts and patrols at entrance gate, family bleachers, pit crew, grandstand and concession areas.

School, Colleges & Universities
Echelon is the security company of choice for over 30 (public, private and parochial) schools and colleges in the region. Responsibilities include the protection and safety of students, faculty and staff on a daily, event-specific and emergency basis. We provide a strong presence at athletic events, concerts, back-to-school nights, plays and school board meetings.

Brandywine Property Management
Echelon is responsible for interior and exterior patrols for Brandywine’s residential business complexes and campuses to guarantee after hours protection from unauthorized access, theft and costly vandalism at multiple locations.

Greater Philadelphia Film Office
Echelon works closely with the GPFO to provide experienced site security solutions for production companies making full length films or 1 day video shoots in the Phila region. Capabilities include, quick response site protection, celebrity protection, crowd control and special events for the biggest names in entertainment, politics and sports.

UGI – Amerigas
Echelon provides long-term rehab, fire and construction site watches to protect major client assets. UGI Amerigas required an Echelon quick response team within hours after their devastating fire.

Acme Markets
Echelon provides security for ACME Markets in the Philadelphia region. Responsibilities include site watches, agent patrols and inventory protection.

Arnold’s Family Fun Center
Echelon provides peak attendance security to ensure parents, teens and children enjoy a fun, friendly and safe environment. Responsibilities include crowd control, problem area patrols, disorderly conduct mitigation, vandalism watch, theft prevention and staff protection. Our exceptional agents are trained in the management of aggressive behavior.

Echelon provides security, protection, ID check, crowd control and camera surveillance for Logisticare Solutions as they process and deceminate transit passes to over 5,000 Medicaid eligible citizens each month in a 15 day period. Any fraudulent activity, violent behavior or disorderly conduct is dealt with swiftly by our trained security agents.

Echelon provides special event security for PhillyIsrael, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating cultural, educational and social programming for American and Israeli Jews in Philadelphia and its surrounding regions.

The Movie Tavern
When The Movie Tavern needs experienced event security for big movie premiers they call Echelon to help control crowds, assist guests, support their staff and keep their audiences feeling safe and secure.

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