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Corporate & Commercial Security & Property Management

Corporate & Commercial Security & Property Management

Echelon is prepared to monitor and protect your corporate or commercial property. We can perform property patrols on foot, bicycles, golf carts, and/or marked or unmarked vehicles, as well as undercover surveillance with plainclothes agents to ensure that your merchandise is secure from the loading dock to the retail floor. Whether you require construction site material protection, day-to-day surveillance or a onetime quick response emergency service, Echelon can ensure the safety of your business and property.

We are prepared to provide security service to any size of shopping center or strip mall. Typically, we offer services such as patrolling the commons area and parking lot, either through scheduled auto patrols or surveillance throughout the parking lot and surrounding area, or agents on-site for security details at any time of the day or night for specified hours.

Protecting your property after-hours can be a difficult job, particularly when you have valuable equipment or materials, and/or when your site is still under construction. We can provide on-site patrols and camera surveillance around the clock to ensure that your property is safe from theft, fires, or other risks.


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