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Film & TV Production

When your filming on location, there’s always a risk of theft, vandalism and unauthorized access and unwanted visitors. There are also potentially serious liability issues if someone is injured. The local police may provide some level of assistance, but it’s important to remember that won’t always be there. Echelon security agents will:

  1. Provide crowd control whenever you need it
  2. Ensure that onlookers can’t get onto the set
  3. Mediate disruptions to your shoot
  4. Help ensure the safety of onlookers

As security experts working in the entertainment industry, Echelon offers personal protection, location security and 24/7 site surveillance for your talent, crew, property, sets and equipment. We secure your site from the risks of theft, vandalism and unauthorized access and guide our clients in developing security solutions for the unique needs of the entertainment industry. Echelon ensures that everything left on your set is safe, including; cameras, lights, sound equipment, vehicles and props.

Whether you’re shooting a live event, several day shoot or a several month long feature, EPS can handle conflicts, address volatile situations and make level-headed decisions to maintain a safe and productive work environment for your talent, crew and guests. From move-in to load-out, Echelon offers complete security solutions. We also have the capability to support your site with camera surveillance systems accessible from any PC, pad device or smart phone.

Echelon currently employs a 300 person manpower pool consisting of trained and certified security professionals. Our entertainment division is composed of current and veteran law enforcement officers and EMT’s, with experience in the entertainment industry. Echelon also provides event management security services including crowd control, access and parking, armed/unarmed or undercover agents, personal protection, and security consulting to venues that host a variety of public events such as galas, concerts, festivals, sporting events, high-profile speaking engagements and trade shows.

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