The child welfare and security agents may not be as famous a partnership as Starsky & Hutch or Peanut Butter and Jelly, but we are just as effective.

Don’t believe us?

In this article, we’ll explain five major ways a security agent like EPS provides value to child protective services.


  • Comprehensive Protection Services


Security agents provide round-the-clock personal protection, ensuring the safety of children, youth, staff, and visitors in various environments such as group homes and foster care facilities. This continuous presence helps to create a secure atmosphere conducive to the welfare and development of vulnerable young individuals.


  • Specialized Training for Unique Needs


The agents employed in these roles are not only skilled in general security measures but are also trained specifically for scenarios involving children and youth. This training includes certifications like State Child Abuse Clearance and Safe Crisis Management, equipping them to handle sensitive situations with the care and discretion required.


  • Crisis Management and Emergency Response


Security personnel are pivotal in managing daily challenges and responding to emergencies. Their ability to act swiftly and effectively during crises protects the physical well-being of the children and staff and maintains the operational stability of the welfare facilities.


  • Safe Transportation and Escort Services


Another critical service provided by security agents is the safe transport and escort of children to various appointments, including healthcare and educational facilities. This aspect of their duty ensures that children reach their destinations safely and return without incident, which is paramount for maintaining routine and security within child welfare systems.


  • Coordination and Communication


Effective communication forms the backbone of child protective services, and security agents play a crucial role in this area. They serve as a key point of contact between child welfare facilities and external bodies like law enforcement and health authorities, ensuring seamless coordination and prompt action when needed.

Security Agents: A Pillar of Support in Child Welfare

Security agents are more than just guards; they are integral to the support structure within child welfare agencies. Through their diverse roles and responsibilities, they provide not only safety and security but also contribute to the overall well-being and stability of the environments in which vulnerable children and youth reside.

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