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Hospital & Healthcare Facilities

Protecting hospitals and healthcare facilities can be generally defined as a system of safeguards designed to protect the physical property and to achieve relative safety for all people interacting within the organization and its environment. The realistic goal of security is intended to reduce the probability of harmful occurrences and mitigate incident damage and reasonable risks.Executive Protective Services works inside and outside traditional healing environments including hospitals, clinics, physician offices, neighborhood care centers, long-term care, clinical trials, clinics, blood banks and free-standing surgery centers—each presenting unique needs for protection of patients, staff, visitors, contractors, and property. These hospital and healthcare facilities present challenging security settings where patient care is the primary mission.

In the last decade progress providing secure healthcare environments has lagged behind other major business segments. Although the catastrophic events of 9/11, improved security for many US organizations, the experience had little overall effect on improving healthcare security. Since 9/11 serious crimes such as homicides and assaults have gradually increased in virtually all healthcare environments.

Executive Protective Services works with or as your security administrator to create a protection program and security system that meets your facilities safety philosophy and objectives.

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