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Philadelphia Armed Security Guards

Echelon’s highly trained armed security guards are certified to deter and prevent unlawful activity in virtually every situation and industry. With Echelon as your trusted security partner, you can have confidence that your security personnel will be of the highest quality, professional, and experienced.

All of our armed guards must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, undergo comprehensive State and Federal background checks, and an extensive interview process. Contact Echelon today to find out more information and find out why we are the most trusted protection and surveillance company in the industry.


Philadelphia Armed Security Guards You Can Trust

  • Our highly trained armed security guards are trusted professionals
  • Echelon’s armed guards can be deployed individually or as part of a comprehensive security solution
  • Armed guards from Echelon are trained to protect and safeguard dignitaries, VIPs, celebrities, athletes, and executives
  • Every member of our team is fully vetted and certified
  • Get the protection you need from the most trusted protection and surveillance company in Philadelphia

At Echelon, your protection and safety is our highest priority. Our Philadelphia armed security guards are trained and equipped to protect your people or property at any time of day or night, 365 days a year.

More Information About Echelon’s Armed Security Guards

Our Philadelphia armed security guards are properly certified to carry firearms while on duty, according to state regulations. All of our armed security guards must observe a strict corporate policy that requires annual training and recertification.

We also maintain a specially trained Philadelphia armed personal protection team to safeguard VIPs, dignitaries, executives, and celebrities. Depending on the nature of the risk or threat, your situation may require more than one Philadelphia armed security guard to effectively manage your protection requirements.

Armed Guards For VIP And Personal Protection

If you’re a VIP, celebrity, athlete, dignitary, or executive, you can’t take any chances with your personal protection. We are far more than a bodyguard service because we can help you develop a comprehensive security and protection plan that includes skilled armed guards.

As highly trained problem-solvers, our agents offer close personal protection in combination with surveillance, coordination with local law enforcement, and advanced planning. Our armed guards include members of veteran law enforcement, high-level government security specialists, and the military.

Body If you’re in the public eye, you know that at any moment your safety can be directly or indirectly affected. An armed bodyguard needs to be a deterrent, but in a harmful situation they must know how to react. When an everyday situation becomes life-threatening, only a dedicated agent who has been properly trained can protect you against an unforeseen calamity or a determined threat.

An armed guard offers you peace of mind, so that you can go about your daily business without worrying about your personal security.

Our Security Guards Understand That Discretion Is Important To You

We recognize that the needs of our clients are a primary consideration. Celebrities, athletes, and VIPs want to work with agents capable of blending in without compromising security. This ‘seldom seen but always present’ philosophy must also be accompanied by hospitality. Friendly customer care is essential for any armed agent, especially with clients who need extra consideration.

Whether you need one armed guard or a team of agents working as one unit, providing short-term or long-term protection, we are more than willing to customize a plan that suits your needs and ensures your ongoing security.

Echelon’s Armed Agents Must Meet Strict Guidelines

We go to great lengths to make sure every armed security guard we employ is of the highest caliber, trustworthy, and capable. All of our personnel are fully vetted and certified before becoming a member of our team. Then we comprehensively train every armed guard to discreetly and efficiently confront challenges, anticipate potential threats, mitigate risks, solve potential problems, and de-escalate potentially harmful situations.

Being an armed guard requires a unique skill-set, and we ensure our personnel know how to maintain a clear head when confronted with a challenge so that they can implement protocols in response to any problem situation. All of our personnel must also maintain certifications and clearances that include:

  • First Aid, AED, and CPR
  • State & Federal Criminal History Clearance
  • Drug Testing
  • Aggressive Behavior Management
  • Act 235 Armed

Our armed guards must also be fully trained to handle weapons, and maintain these skills to better serve our clients.

Why Choose Echelon For Your Protection

There are a number of reasons why it makes sense to trust Echelon:

Proven Experience – Echelon only hires qualified, experienced security specialists. This includes veteran law enforcement and military personnel, among other industry professionals. These agents are proven in the field, and will properly respond when called upon.

Quick Response Security – If you have last minute security needs, we can supply you with an armed guard 27/7/365

Credentialed and Armed Agents – Echelon’s armed personnel are specifically trained to minimize your risk and protect your assets. They have the training and tools to ensure you only work with the best of the best.

Hiring Standards – Our strict hiring practices ensure every agent you hire has all of the necessary security clearances, checks, and qualifications.

Client Centric Approach – We work with you to develop comprehensive security strategies that are custom-tailored to your unique situation and requirements.

Integrated Security Solutions – We make it easy to develop a strategic surveillance plan.

Officer Reporting and Tracking – Know that your armed security guards are protecting your assets with live reporting, and access this information easily via the web.

Rates For Philadelphia Armed Security Guards

Rates for armed security guards are quoted per-guard-hour. Armed security guard rates are based on competitive security industry fee structures. Rates are then adjusted based on various factors such as risk, industry, response time, and requested duties. Once we fully understand your situation, we work as your security partner to determine the most effective deployment of our Philadelphia armed guards.

Your peace of mind is always our top priority.

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