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Exceptional Vetted, Trained & Certified Security Guards

Bethlehem Security Guards

Stadium, Event & School Security Guards Bethlehem PA

  • Today's world is uncertain and volatile - Your Bethlehem security guards must ensure the protection of your property and people
  • At Echelon Protection & Surveillance, we offer cost-effective, flexible security solutions from the most highly trained Bethlehem security guards in the region
  • Our certified Bethlehem security guards will respond are trained to handle any situation, in any industry, significantly reducing your liability and risk
  • Our experts will work with you to develop a comprehensive security package, featuring real-time reporting and monitoring from our professional guards
  • You are free to try our Bethlehem security service for a day with no long-term contact to sign, so experience our professionalism while giving yourself peace of mind
Echelon Protection & Surveillance Executive Protection

Highly-Trained Bethlehem Security Guards from Echelon Protection & Surveillance

Hiring a low-cost, undertrained Bethlehem security provider means opening up yourself to risk and liability. When you hire a professional security team, you expect more than just a person in a guard's uniform. Your Bethlehem security guards must be vigilant, reliable, expertly trained to solve problems, and equipped with the technology and tools required to do their job efficiently.

At Echelon Protection & Security, we offer you peace of mind by developing a flexible Bethlehem security plan bases on your unique needs. We hire only the most highly trained and certified Bethlehem security guards, all of whom are thoroughly vetted and trained to solve problems, confront challenges, and de-escalate potentially harmful situations.

We accomplish all of this at substantially less cost than a police officer, so contact us today for pricing information and expert guidance. We will help you develop a security solution utilizing the best Bethlehem security guards working today.

A List of Our Comprehensive Bethlehem Security Services

We are fully capable of providing a solution to every security issue you face. Our comprehensive list of security services for Bethlehem clients include:

  • Bethlehem Event Security
  • Bethlehem Stadium Security
  • Bethlehem School Security
  • Bethlehem Campus Security
  • School District Residency investigations
  • Anti-Terrorism
  • Armed and Unarmed Bethlehem Security Guards
  • Background Checks
  • Corporate, Commercial, and Public Safety
  • Personal and VIP Protection
  • Building and Construction Site Security
  • Loss Prevention
  • Private Detective and Undercover Agent Investigation
  • Crowd, Traffic, and Parking Management
  • Integrated Bethlehem Building Security Systems

  • Contact us today to find out more about our certified Bethlehem security guards.

    Bethlehem Tidbits

    The Moravian settlement immediately started the construction of their heavy industrial region, originally using small log structures for their workshops next to the Lehigh River and the Monocacy Creek. The Moravian people constructed a brass foundry, a blacksmith shop, a tannery, an oil mill, a grist mill, wash houses, a soap mill, and a sawmill within two years of their arrival in Bethlehem. They established 35 industries, trades, and crafts that included mason,carpenter, wheelwright, flax processing, cobbler, tailor, saddlery, fulling mill, linen bleachery, candlemaker, community bakery, dye house, cooper, weaving, spinning, hatter, pewterer, nailor, tinsmith, clockmaker, tawery, and a butrcher by 1747.

    They replaced the log buildings with larger limestone structures as their settlement developed. Between the late 1740's and the early 1770's, the waterworks, oil mill, blacksmith complex, dye house, butchery, tannery, and pottery il mill, and waterworks were constructed from stone. The Colonial Industrial Quarter in Bethlehem had the largest concentration of pre-industrial revolution industries, trades, and crafts in the country and are considered the earliest industrial park in the nation. Some of these early industrial structures still remain.

    The objective of the Moravians in Bethlehem was to be a self-sufficient settlemtnt on the colonial frontier so that they could provide for their missionaries in the field as well as for themselves.

    There was a decline in the marketplace for handcrafted goods as less expensive, mass produced goods became available during the Industrial Revolution. Additional industries started arriving in Bethlehem by the 1850's, which included the forerunner of Bethlehem Steel Corporation which became the second largest steel producer in America. These days, Bethlehem has a very diverse industrial base of industrical and technology parks, two of which are located within the city limits, even with the loss of Bethelem Steel.

    The year 1904 brought the incorporation of Bethlehem Steel Corporation after being bought by Charles Schwab, who transformed the company into the second largest steel company in the nation. Its early history began around 1857, when the Saucona Iron Company was organized, and which some time later came to be known as the Bethlehem Iron Company. One of the great oronmasters in this country, named John Fritz, of the Cambria Iron Company in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, arrived in Bethlehem in 1860 in order to develop the iron works and worked in the capacity of general superintendent of the Bethlehem Plant up until his retirement some 30 years later.

    Prior to Mr. Schwab acquiring the rights to the Grey Mill, which, in 1980, was producing the first rolled, wide flange structural steel beams. Bethlehem established itself as a significant supplier of ordnance, steel rail, and forged products in the country. Through two World Wars, Bethlehem Steel also made its name as the largest shipbuilder in the world and during WW II built an impressive 1,127. The facilities of Bethlehem were located from coast-to-coast, with numerous ship repair and shipbuilding yards, ore mines, quarries, coal mines, manufacturing and steelmaking plants in order to supply the requirements of the country. Corporate wide, during the peak employment of Bethlehem, there were approximately 300,000 workers while the Bethlehem Plant employed nearly 33,000 workers to provide for the efforts of the war. In 2001, the Bethlelem Steel Corporation filed for bankruptcy after being in business for nearly a century.

    The local Bethlehem factory occupied 1,800 acres that stretched four-and-a-half miles next to the Lehigh River and beyond. It has a significant history including many firsts, such as its extraordinary contribution to the defense of our country as well as the perfection of high-speed tool steel that paved the way for modern industrial expansion. Its primaryu were the heavy forgings, ordnance, and structural products. The legacy of the Bethlehem factory is being preserved as a portion of a planned brownfield redevelopment that incorporates significant iconic structures as well as historic manufacturing facilities.

    The Bethlehem Area School District includes Hanover Township and Bethlehem Township in Northhampton County and Lehigh County, the Boroughs of Freemansburg and Fountain Hill, and the City of Bethlehem. The district operates 16 elementry schools, four middle schools, and two High Schools in addition to several other educational institutions. The school district has an enrollment of more than 15,000 students that span grades Kindergarten through 12th grade and has a staff of more than 1,100 teachers.

    A college preparatory school that offers a caring, safe, and small environment is Moravian Academy, which is a coeducational Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. This school offers many different co-curricular and academic studies where all of the students are valued as a whole peple with an emphasis on the spirit, body, and mind. While recognizing the permanence of basic human values since 1742, the traditions at Movarian Academy has encouraged sound innovations to meet contemporary challenges.

    One in six graduates of high schools in Monroe County and one in four graduates of high schools in Northampton County choose to attend Lehigh University Northampton Community College. This school offers significant personal attention. While serving over 36,000 students a year at the Main Campus in Bethlehem, a branch campus in Tannersville, the Fowler Family Southside Center in south Bethlehem, and more than 50 satellite locations in Wayne, Pike, Monroe, and Northampton counties the College has maintained a low student/faculty ratio of 24/1. Some 21,000 students are involved in youth classes, adult litercy clAsses, or workforce training and over 16,000 students are enrolled in credit programs.

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