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Exceptional Vetted, Trained & Certified Security Guards

Newark Security Guards

Stadium, Event & School Security Guards Newark DE

  • Today's world is uncertain and volatile - Your Newark security guards must ensure the protection of your property and people
  • At Echelon Protection & Surveillance, we offer cost-effective, flexible security solutions from the most highly trained Newark security guards in the region
  • Our certified Newark security guards will respond are trained to handle any situation, in any industry, significantly reducing your liability and risk
  • Our experts will work with you to develop a comprehensive security package, featuring real-time reporting and monitoring from our professional guards
  • You are free to try our Newark security service for a day with no long-term contact to sign, so experience our professionalism while giving yourself peace of mind
Echelon Protection & Surveillance Executive Protection

Highly-Trained Newark Security Guards from Echelon Protection & Surveillance

Hiring a low-cost, undertrained Newark security provider means opening up yourself to risk and liability. When you hire a professional security team, you expect more than just a person in a guard's uniform. Your Newark security guards must be vigilant, reliable, expertly trained to solve problems, and equipped with the technology and tools required to do their job efficiently.

At Echelon Protection & Security, we offer you peace of mind by developing a flexible Newark security plan bases on your unique needs. We hire only the most highly trained and certified Newark security guards, all of whom are thoroughly vetted and trained to solve problems, confront challenges, and de-escalate potentially harmful situations.

We accomplish all of this at substantially less cost than a police officer, so contact us today for pricing information and expert guidance. We will help you develop a security solution utilizing the best Newark security guards working today.

A List of Our Comprehensive Newark Security Services

We are fully capable of providing a solution to every security issue you face. Our comprehensive list of security services for Newark clients include:

  • Newark Event Security
  • Newark Stadium Security
  • Newark School Security
  • Newark Campus Security
  • School District Residency investigations
  • Anti-Terrorism
  • Armed and Unarmed Newark Security Guards
  • Background Checks
  • Corporate, Commercial, and Public Safety
  • Personal and VIP Protection
  • Building and Construction Site Security
  • Loss Prevention
  • Private Detective and Undercover Agent Investigation
  • Crowd, Traffic, and Parking Management
  • Integrated Newark Building Security Systems

  • Contact us today to find out more about our certified Newark security guards.

    Newark Tidbits

    If you want to find that weird-looking toy from your childhood or if you broke your grandmother's 20th century vase, chances are you'll find a similar item over at Aunt Margaret's Antique Mall. This historic building was first built in the 1900s and started operations as a church, which eventually became a police station in 1970. In the end, it became an antique mall in 1993.

    It's a two-story building with various antique dealer shops that have a collection of random vintage objects that range from 19th century photographs to early 20th century items that have long been out of production. There's a huge array of collectibles in all the shops, where you can find vintage gifts or trade old items that you can add to your mother's collection of chinaware.

    The mall's inventory constantly changes and if they don't have what you're looking for on Day One, you can jot down your name and item in their logbook and they will get back to you. Chances are, they'll be able to find it in a few days or weeks. There are Civil War memorabilia, 18th century furniture, antique carnival items, old buttons, even autographs of historic and public personalities, bottles, artwork, vintage cards, and some of the strangest objects you will find. The antique mall is a history buff's dream!

    This is just one of the best attractions in Newark, a city in New Castle, Delaware. Newark is surrounded by land, once inhabited by farms and barns. Now, the large city is surrounded by housing developments, although farming areas, hills, and nature parks are still a huge part of the city's character. With more than 30,000 residents, Newark is a densely populated area. Thankfully, the locals have a lot of interesting places to go to when they're bored, and the scenic parks are well-kept.

    To the south of the city is Iron Hill Park located on 1355 Old Baltimore Pike. Its wide, spacious grassy areas are perfect for picnics and hike trails. Not only that, the park has a scenic bike trail, disc golf corner, an area for dogs, grills and picnic tables for families and friends on a vacation, a pavilion, playground, tables, and restrooms. There are no admission fees, but people do pay for rentals. Considering the historic sites within the park and the fun to be had, that's a small price to pay.

    Within Iron Hill Park are several old buildings and areas like the Indian Jasper Mine, the Iron Hill Hand Dug Mine, and Whittaker Ore Pit and its adjacent pond. There's never a lack of things to do in this park, even if you're not into sports or many outdoor activities, you'll want to visit the Iron Hill School, one of the earliest schools in the state built in 1923 for African-American children. The school was part of the "Delaware Experiment" by Pierre Samuel du Pont, a businessman and philanthropist. The one-room school is an impressive display of Progressive era education and architecture.

    Nearby are the foundations for the original school and the old house. A few yards away stand the foundations of a tenant house. Across it is a stone wall from the Revolutionary era. There are more historic sites littered all over the park like the location of an old still, an already filled-in vertical well or ore shaft, and the foundations for bootleggers. The entire area started out as a prehistoric iron mine that lasted until the 20th century. With over 335 acres, Iron Hill Park is one of the biggest and widest nature areas in New Castle.

    To the west of Newark is the Fair Hill Natural Resources Management center and to the city's north is White Clay Creek State Park, which was created to protect the creek, along with Pennsylvania's White Clay Creek Preserve. The state park was created in 1968 and began with a small piece of land, which was slowly expanded to include a then recently purchased 150 acres.

    Nearby is another nature site, the Middle Run Valley Natural Area, a nature park located in the downtown area of the city. Surrounded by residential houses, Middle Run Valley is an oasis of scenic nature trails and green lawns in the middle of a bustling city. Created in 1975, the park has grown to include ponds, forests, fields, and creeks with over 850 acres. A little beyond the entrance to the park is the headquarters for the Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research. Further north of that is the Lenape Trail that leads to the Papermill Park, which has wide ball fields, a playground, and a jogging track. The most important creek that the park protects is the Middle Run, a tributary of the White Clay Creek. The main park area is a wide forested area, where hunting is allowed occasionally and where both hikers and bikers can find fun.

    Aside from the parks, Newark is also home to several historic buildings like the Bank of Newark, Rhodes Pharmacy, and St. John the Baptist Church. The bank was built in 1845, a three-story building fashioned in a subtle Greek Revival architecture style. The Rhodes Pharmacy, meanwhile, is another historic building that housed the city's pharmacy back in 1917. The St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church was created in 1883, used by Irish immigrants. Newark is filled with historic sites and nature parks that make living in and visiting this city a worthwhile venture.

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