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Made In America Event Staff Information

Made in America 2017

This private web page provides the most current Made In America information for Echelon EVENT STAFF employees and should be checked often for changes and updates.

About Made in America

MIA Crowd Photo

Budweiser Made in America Festival was founded in 2012 by American rapper, record producer and business mogul Jay-Z, as a way to bring together music and culture. The event is held on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia. http://www.madeinamericafest.com/7/#/home

About Echelon

Simple Echelon logo B&W

Echelon provides exceptional security guard and event staffing solutions in PA, MD, DE & NJ.

At Echelon Protection & Surveillance, we provide exceptional Armed and Unarmed security guards to protect your people and property in any situation. We develop security solutions based on your unique business or personal needs, utilizing the most vigilant guards in the industry. Our officers and event staff are vetted, trained and certified to represent your brand, confront challenges, solve problems and prevent unwanted or illegal activity.

Echelon offers expert security and protection guidance around the clock to stop, deter and prevent risk, loss and liability… allowing you to focus on your event, business or family. Our security guards and event staff come equipped with the latest digital officer reporting and tracking technology to verify their patrols and document their duties 24/7 so you know exactly what you’re paying for.  Our professional customer service team, experience, capabilities and top-level security relationships make Echelon the smart and easy choice for your event, business or personal security challenges.

We understand your specific security needs may change, so we remain flexible to fit your needs with a wide array of security services. Discover why Echelon is the security partner of choice for hundreds of events and businesses in the public and private sector.

Parking & Street Closings

Here is a map of some parking options in the area.

For a listing of parking options for “Budweiser Made In America” visit www.philapark.org. Metered parking in the city is often just 1-4 hours, so we encourage parking in a garage or lot.

Area Parking Options

Street Closings

  • Friday, September 1st – Tuesday Sept 5th; Work hours: 8:00am – 10:00pm
  • Full closure of site at 10:00am
  • Full closure to run through Tuesday, September 5th at 5am
  • Inner and outer roadways of Ben Franklin Parkway from N. 20th Street to Art Museum
  • N. 21st Street from Pennsylvania Ave to Winter St.
  • N. 22nd Street from Pennsylvania Ave to Park Towne Pl.
  • N. 23rd Street from Pennsylvania Ave to Ben Franklin Parkway
  • Kelly Drive (inbound and outbound from N. 25th Street to Ben Franklin Parkway.
  • For any other questions please call: 646-448-0305

Schedules & Posts

Name PostCell NumberE-mailEmail Offer Response
Adams, Erica*VP-07: Live Nation / Sponsor VIP / VP-11(267) 476-2301ericaadams640@gmail.comNAAvailable BOTH days
Ahern, EmilyAB-04: Bud VIP Tent(484) 374-0274esahern@comcast.net
Arizini, Matt*VP-07: Live Nation / Sponsor VIP(484) 844-5645arizini6@yahoo.com8.17.17Available BOTH days
Babb, Giavanni*Media/ROC/LN VIP Gate240-383-8118gbabb@techusa.net8.23.17
Ballard, Montae*VP-12: Tidal VIP(267) 972-0067montaeballard@yahoo.com8.17.17Available BOTH days
Beinhaur, ClaudiaAB-09: Bud Boardwalk(267) 897-7056claudbein@gmail.com8.17.17Available BOTH days
Borine, BraxtonAB-04: Bud VIP Tent(610) 551-8944bcborine@drexel.edu8.17.17Available BOTH days
Borneo-Lee, JaQuan*AB-05: Bud Beer Garden(202) 321-86691quannyot7@gmail.com8.17.17Available BOTH days
Brooks, LisaSPRINT Installation  (Sat Only)(215) 863-7795Lisa.Andrea.Brooks@gmail.com8.31.17Saturday only
Brown, CaliaEPS Relief(267) 370-2960caliabrown129@gmail.com8.24.17Available both days
Brown, Richard*VP-03: Rocky Stage VIP / AB-02: Bud VIP Tent(267) 810-8835Rich.Dbrown@outlook.com8.30.17Available BOTH days
Bryant, Richard *DC-15: Relief(215) 450-4093richardbryant412@gmail.com8.11.17Available BOTH days
Bundy, MichaelVP-14: WEST Headline Compound / VP-12(484) 358-0514michael.bundy@ymail.com8.19.17Available BOTH days
Burgess, Candice*VP-10: Museum Plaza VIP(267) 884-8911candiceburgess12@gmail.com
Burgos, AlbertVP11: Museum Plaza Roamer(267) 586-9244abj2124@gmail.com8.17.17Available BOTH days
Burnett, AsiaVP-15: EAST Headline Compound / VP-07 Live Nation VIP(267) 439-7061asiamburnett@gmail.com8.31.17Available BOTH days
Calle, Susan*VP-09: Media/ROC/LN VIP Access Gate / VP-08(302) 377-7461svcalle@gmail.com
Carrasquillo, Wanda*VP-14: WEST Headline Compound / VP-10(267) 410-6714DYEMON360@GMAIL.COM8.22.17Available BOTH days
Carter, BrittanySV-03: South VIP Entry Gate: Portal(215) 771-9092carterbrittany131@yahoo.com8.28.17Available BOTH days
Cathey, Niama*AB-05: Bud Beer Garden(267) 778-8442niamas90@icloud.com8.17.17Available BOTH days
Clark, Tyreese*AB-06: Bud & Burgers(267) 290-7194 tyreese.clark@gmail.com8.17.17Available BOTH days
Clifton, DeionVP-05: Rocky Stage Upper Level VIP(267) 897-1468Dc876953@wcupa.edu8.16.17Available BOTH days
Coaxum, Tyreik *AB-06: Bud & Burgers(267) 971-5523tyreikcoaxum215@icloud.com8.17.17Available BOTH days
Colon, MireyaTidal VIP – Stage Right  /. EPS Standby (Sun Only)(267) 991-2115mireyascolon@yahoo.com8.31.17
Corley, MarshallMN-05: Asset Protection Bud Elements(267) 438-5261ahmedcorley.ac@gmail.com8.23.17Available BOTH days
Cue, IndiraON-06: Budwiser Activation / MN-05(267) 279-2525indiraknowledge@gmail.com8.28.17
Daniels, Sharone (AS)AB-03: Bud Sup: Bud Boardwalk(484) 649-4628Amanda Short8.31.17
Davies, Rachel (DR)VP-07: Live Nation / Sponsor VIP / CALL OFF 3.31.17(215) 584-7571rdavies@intuitivets.net8.24.17Saturday only
Davis, AllenVP-07: Live Nation / Sponsor VIP / EPS Stand By (Sun)(215) 360-2401redds11168@gmail.com8.31.17Available BOTH days
Davis, Timothy*DC-15: Relief(484) 366-9489davistimothy172@gmail.com8.21.17Available BOTH days
Davis, SaboorAB-07: Bud & Burgers Early Cuts(215) 475-0635Saboordavis700@gmail.com8.17.17Available BOTH days
Deen, Muji*VP-10: Museum Plaza VIP / AB-08(267)-693-6695mujideen@yahoo.com8.24.17Available BOTH days
Dillon, BarbaraAB-07: Bud & Burgers Early Cuts(215) 527-1550dillon8663@comcast.net8.17.17Available BOTH days
Duffy, KellyAB-04: Bud VIP Tent(610) 620-3998kellyduffy425@gmail.com8.17.17SATURDAY Only – with Karnis Please
Eckman, JasonEPS Stand By (Danny Visnov)(484) 493-8085(Danny Visnov)
Etzler, BrandonVP-07: Live Nation / Sponsor VIP(717) 634-4994be4055@ship.edu8.17.17Available BOTH days
Evans, TylerAB-08: Global Inheritance(717) 760-9658Tysymone@gmail.com8.31.17
Feehan, Alexander (DR)af8499@ship.edu8.10.17
Feliciano, Christal*EPS Stand By(267) 934-3147Christalfeliciano@gmail.com8.28.17Available BOTH days
Feliciano, EdwinMN-05: Asset Protection Bud Elements(267) 902-3486feliciano21996@gmail.com8.28.16Available BOTH days
Fisher, BreeAB-04: Bud VIP Tent 484-432-7200BF890141@wcupa.edu8.18.17Sunday Only
Flynn, DarnellVP-11: Museum Plaza Roamer(267) 321-9214squeekstokes@gmail.com8.31.17
Freeman, Demetrius*EPS Stand By / AB-04(215) 459-1048Demetriusfreeman88@gmail.com8.28.17
Giavanni, Babb*VP-09: Media/ROC/LN VIP Access Gate(240) 383-8118GBabb@techusa.net8.28.17
Golden, Shea (DR)AB-09: Bud BoardwalkDR is confirmingsmg0141@gmail.com8.16.17Available BOTH days
Gordon,  Maurice*SV-02: South VIP Entry Gate: Search(267) 237-8519mauricegordon276@gmail.com8.17.17Available BOTH days
Hadas, Khalim(267) 275-2672Khalimhadas@gmail.com8.10.17
Haley, DamonSPRINT Installation  / EPS Stand By(267) 423-0606DHaley3119@hotmail.com8.31.17Available BOTH days
Hernandez, JoseAB-09: Bud Boardwalk(717) 406-9589jhern0803@yahoo.com8.17.17Available BOTH days
Hill, Jahsiym*VP-10: Museum Plaza VIP / VP-08(267) 987-3819hilljahsiym@yahoo.com8.24.17booked both days
Hosfelt, NickVP-15: EAST Headline Compound(717) 830-3793nh0463@ship.edu8.18.17Available BOTH days
Howell, BashirAB-09: Bud Boardwalk(267) 596-6641bhowell276@gmail.com8.17.17Available BOTH days
Jackson, Juwan *DC-15: Relief(267) 298-9665juwanjackson@yahoo.com8.11.17Available BOTH days
Jean, James JrVP-12: Tidal VIP(215) 301-2448jamesjeanjr@rocketmail.com8.17.17
John, Anaiah*AB-09: Bud Boardwalk(267) 875-4776anaiahjohn26@gmail.com8.15.17Available BOTH days
Johnson, Kavon (DR)VP-06: Rocky Stage Lower Level VIP(610) 551-6634KJ795571@wcupa.edu8.10.17Sunday Only
Johnson_Grisson(267) 324-2570Grisson11@yahoo.com8.10.17
Jordan, Ashley*AB-09: Bud Boardwalk(610) 520-0019ashleycjordan95@gmail.com8.24.17Sunday only
Karnis, Katie (DR)AB-04: Bud VIP Tent: CALLED OFF 8/30/17(281) 221-3695karnis3@hotmail.com8.17.17SATURDAY Only: with
Keen, George*VP-14: WEST Headline Compound / EPS Stand-by (Sat)(215) 941-3357Gkeen32&yahoo.com8.28.17Available BOTH days
Kilgalon, Mike*VP-02: Tidal / Live Nation VIP(484) 942-5933Mickil2@comcast.net8.30.17Available BOTH days
Kovacs, Amy*VP-07: Live Nation / Sponsor VIP(484) 560-6569 AK830373@wcupa.edu8.20.17Sunday Only
Landis, Natasha*Tidal VIP – Stage Right(610) 985-0692NatashaLandis21@yahoo.com8.29.17Available BOTH days
Landis, Nicole*AB-09: Bud Boardwalk(610) 427-1330nickilandis@gmail.com8.16.17Available BOTH days
Lark, Fatimah*EPS Relief(215) 251-5980timahlark46@gmail.com8.21.17Available BOTH days
LaTorre, Dalila(267) 467-2114dalilalatorre6@gmail.com8.15.17
Likaj, Shqiponza*VP-07: Live Nation / Sponsor VIP: Called Off For Sunday(267) 474-1668shikki15@gmail.com8.10.17Available BOTH days
Livingston, Dominia*VP-07: Live Nation / Sponsor VIP / VP-09(267) 367-8458nialivingston29@yahoo.com8.21.17Available BOTH days
Mai, Khuong*AB-08: Global Inheritance(215) 436-7889khuongmai17@yahoo.com8.10.17Available BOTH days
Maniguart, Jabriah*VP-05: Rocky Stage Upper Level VIP(267) 312-8937Jabriah.m98@gmail.com8.15.17Available BOTH days
Martinez, Juan*VP-05: Rocky Stage Upper Level VIP(717) 357-5155jm8745@ship.edu8.18.17Available BOTH days
Mathews, BermanSV-02: South VIP Entry Gate: Search:  CALLED OFF 08/30/17(215) 495-4732bigberm31@gmail.com8.15.17Available BOTH days
Mattei, SamAB-04: Bud VIP Tent(610) 350-7454smattei25@icloud.com8.10.17SATURDAY Only
Maynard, KierraAB-04: Bud VIP Tent(215) 678-6020km892101@wcupa.edu8.23.17Sunday Only
Mayo, Brianna*Tidal VIP – Stage Right(215) 600-7556mayobrianna09@gmail.com8.29.17Available BOTH days
McCann, JackVP-12: Tidal VIP(415) 596-0039jaaackmccann@gmail.com8.18.17Available BOTH days
McCann, KimberlyVP-10: Museum Plaza VIP(610) 809-3806tuf30076@temple.edu8..25.17Sunday only
McCann, Susan *SV-03: South VIP Entry Gate: Portal / VP-09(484) 889-7703 (c ) 215-220-6244 (o)susan.mccann@sparktx.com8.11.17Saturday and Sunday
Meachum, Shafi(267) 335-6161shafimeachum2x@gmail.com8.11.17
Micco, Emily *AB-04: Bud VIP Tent(610) 350-7058ebmicco@hotmail.com8.11.17SATURDAY Only
Miller, ColinVP-06: Rocky Stage Lower Level VIP(215) 350-6744ColinM@NorthPennRealEstate.com8.15.17SATURDAY only
Mintzer, PatVP-03: Rocky Stage VIP(610) 761-0145Mintzer95@gmail.com8.28.17Sunday Only
Mitchell, KeahSV-02: South VIP Entry Gate: Search(484) 925-7391kreneemitchell24@gmail.com8.31.17Available BOTH days
Mitchell, Marquise*VP-06: Rocky Stage Lower Level VIP(215) 758-4747marquise.mitchell@ymail.com8.15.17Available BOTH days
Montez, Rasean*VP-14: WEST Headline Compound(267) 515-2289raseanlopez21@gmail.com8.22.17Available BOTH days
Morrissey, TylerAB-04: Bud VIP Tent(484) 225-0967morrissey3194@aol.com8.10.17WITH Karnis please (DR)
Murray, Daymel*VP-12: Tidal VIP / SV-03(267) 745-4795daymel28@hotmail.com8.28.17
Namani, IlirVP-10: Museum Plaza VIP(484) 905-1023ilir.namani@gmail.com8.10.17Sunday Only
Nesbitt, Eugene*Tidal VIP – Stage Right(267) 707-7981Eugenenesbitt1998@gmail.com8.29.17Available BOTH days
Nevins, AaronVP-08: ROC Nation VIP Deck / SPRINT Installation(716) 374-1447Smconsultants100@gmail.com8.30.17Available BOTH days
Pandit, MeghanVP-09: Media/ROC/LN VIP Access Gate / VP-11(267) 391-8452meghapandit5@gmail.com8.25.17Saturday and Sunday
Pennewell, William(484) 356-5734pfc.pennewell@comcast.net8.10.17
Perdue, Patrick*VP-11: Museum Plaza Roamer / VP-14(205) 585-9724pperdue8117@gmail.com8.28.17
Pergine, BillSV-01: South VIP Gate(484) 744-8728pergine71@gmail.com8.30.17Available BOTH days
Peterkin, Omar(215) 494-883197bigo@gmail.com8.10.17
Phillips, Brandon (Dawn F)*VP13: Control Gate: Vehicle Access(828) 638-7942bahiyyah2004@yahoo.com8.18.17Available BOTH days
Poliard, Jefrey*VP-06: Rocky Stage Lower Level VIP(267) 334-5702Jeff.poliard7@gmail.com8.15.17Available BOTH days
Pratt, JihadVP-07: Live Nation / Sponsor VIP / Sprint (Sunday)(267) 560-2693Jihadpratt526@gmailcom8.31.17Available BOTH days
Preston, LaquanDC-15: Relief(215) 514-1692prestonrepairsinc@yahoo.com8.26.17Available BOTH days
Preston, QuranTidal VIP (Sat) / VP-06: Rocky Stage (Lower) (Sunday)(267) 255-0512rongotti24@icloud.com8.15.17
Price, DavidaVP-08: ROC Nation VIP Deck(484) 480-0298pricedavida1@gmail.com8.24.17both days
Price, Jeremy*VP13: Control Gate: Vehicle Access(215) 605-8653muprice29@gmail.com8.15.17Available BOTH days
Quiles, Leeann*VP-11: Museum Plaza Roamer / VP-07(267) 333-6976Qleeann@yahoo.com8.28.17
Quinn, AlexisVP-08: ROC Nation VIP Deck(267) 882-5658lexiequinn21@gmail.com8.15.17Available BOTH days
Quintana, Matthew*VP-11: Museum Plaza Roamer / VP-15(215) 586-0305matthewquintana44@gmail.com8.28.17
Ragsdale, Tiffany*AB-08: Global Inheritance267-897-2642moneytiff83@gmail.com8.21.17Available BOTH days
Ramsey, Marielle (DR)AB-04: Bud VIP Tent(310) 401-0327MarielleRamsey90@gmail.com8.30.17
Rice, JacobVP11: Museum Plaza Roamer(215) 680-7019jet727@comcast.net8.18.17Available BOTH days
Rice, RonVP11: Museum Plaza Roamer(215) 384-3815crossrice@comcast.net8.10.17
Richardson, DesmonVP-15: EAST Headline Compound / EPS Standby (Sun Only)(267) 816-0869????8.31.17
Richardson, Joseph*SPRINT Installation(267) 592-9149ericaross90@gmail.com8.31.17Available BOTH days
Robb, RachelAB-04: Bud VIP Tent(856) 655-9422rachelrobb12@gmail.com8.24.17Sunday Only
Rogers, CaronON-06: Budwiser Activation / MN-05(215) 989-9295Eric Visnov8.26.17
Roman, DelisaVP-08: ROC Nation VIP Deck / VP-15(267) 275-6437delisaroman@aol.com8.24.17Both days
Rosenfeld, StevenAB-09: Bud BoardwalkRubensteincopiez4u@aol.com8.10.17VM sent out 8.24
Roth, Suzanne (DR)Tidal VIP – Stage Right (Sunday Only)(717) 451-7208Suzanne.h.roth@gmail.com8.31.17
Rubenstein, JamieAB-04: Bud VIP Tent(610) 241-2202jamierubenstein.12@gmail.com8.10.17Available BOTH days
Rubenstein, PaigeVP-08: ROC Nation VIP Deck(484) 364-9920prubenstein9@aol.com8.10.17Schedule with Sam V (both days)
Ryan, Jerry(609) 214-5210elephanttalkindie@gmail.com8.10.17
Saleh, AmandaVP-11: Museum Plaza Roamer(609) 578- 0902AS821872@wcupa.edu8.10.17Available BOTH days
Sancho, BriaVP-12: Tidal VIP / VP-08(267) 216-7025sancho.bria@gmail.com8.15.17
Schaefer, NickVP-15: EAST Headline Compound(717) 781-0321nschaefer601@gmail.com8.17.17Available BOTH days
Schell, BrianaEPS Relief(267) 694-0043Briana.schell@yahoo.com8.21.17Available BOTH days
Sciscio, Jake(904) 402-4059csciscio1@gmail.com8.10.17
Seery, SteveTidal VIP – Stage Right (Sunday Only)(609) 694-1975stephenwseery@gmail.com8.10.17Sunday Only
Sheffield, Jennifer*VP-14: WEST Headline Compound / EPS Stand-by (Sat)(215) 954-9140jennifersheffield98@yahoo.com8.28.17Available BOTH days
Shivers, Alexus*VP-04: Rocky Stage Statue VIP Entrance(267) 414-7870Alexusshivers@gmail.com8.28.17Available BOTH days
Sims, Terron*  (Ron Savage ?)ON-06: Budwiser Activation / MN-05(267) 934-15921600ron@gmail.com8.28.17Available BOTH days
Sinex, Trista*SV-02: South VIP Entry Gate: Search(407) 865-2411sinextrista@gmail.com8.11.17Available BOTH days (Long Shifts)
Smith, Kierra(267) 810-8495N/A
Smith, MattVP-04: Rocky Stage Statue VIP EntranceRubensteinmattsmith4295@gmail.com8.10.17Available BOTH days
Story, DavonVP-10: Museum Plaza VIP / VP-07(267) 679-0823Davon_story@yahoo.com8.21.17Available BOTH days
Thomas, Alexis*VP-11: Museum Plaza Roamer(215) 617-7416alexisthomas2016@icloud.com8.21.17Available BOTH days
Thomas, KamirahSPRINT Installation (Fri) / EPS Stand By (Sun(215) 961-7990Myrah.Thomas@icloud.com8.31.17Available BOTH days
Thomas SterlingON-06: Budwiser Activation / MN-05(267) 566-0172sterlingxt23@gmail.com8.24.17Available three days
Thorpe, GeraldSPRINT Installation(267) 241-3943pacst007@gmail.com
Tramontana, Samuel*VP-14: WEST Headline Compound / VP-12(610) 310-5062 samuel.tramontana@gmail.com8.19.17Available BOTH days (Long Shifts)
Tucker, LatoyaEPS Stand By(267) 242-3290 latoyatucker@gmail.com8.31.17
Turner, ImirahaSPRINT Installation / EPS Stand By (Sun Only: 12p-6p)(267) 973-7276 imirahat6@gmail.com8.31.17
Venafro, Samantha (Sam)VP-08: ROC Nation VIP Deck(484) 888-9785samvenafro@yahoo.com8.10.17Schedule With Paige R (both days)
Versak, Alexis484-366-4934lxversak@comcast.net8.15.17WILL CALL ME FRIDAY
Visnov, DannyEPS Stand ByTBDTBD8.28.17SATURDAY Only
Wayne, Kat*VP-07: Live Nation / Sponsor VIP.  /.  Henry (SPRINT)(215) 589-4163kwayne@cities2night.com8.10.17SATURDAY Only
West, John Jr*VP-06: Rocky Stage Lower Level VIP(484) 883-492416jwest@gmail.com8.28.17Available BOTH days
West, John SrVP-06: Rocky Stage Lower Level VIP(484) 889-2705jwest@uarockets.orgSaturday Only
Wheller, NickEPS Stand By(484) 213-8562Danny Visnov Buddy8.28.17SATURDAY Only
White, Michael*ON-06: Budwiser Activation / MN-05(267) 622-5801mikewhite1520@gmail.com8.28.17Available BOTH days
Wiles, KimberleyOUT: Working at ACME(201) 658-4357kimberleywiles101@yahoo.com8.21.17Available Both Days
Williams, KhayreaON-06: Budwiser Activation / MN-05(267) 778-8233Need Email Address8.26.17
Wilson, Maya(215) 437-2800Wilson.maya@gmercyu.edu8.15.17
Wilson, NyokaEPS Relief:  CALLED OFF 8/30/17(215) 380-0567nyokawilson@yahoo.com8.22.17Available BOTH days
Wilson, SteveAB-09: Bud Boardwalk / VP-08(267) 438-1986nasirdagod1@icloud.com
Woods, Josiah (Joe)AB-04: Bud VIP Tent(609) 703-9349jahozer@yahoo.com8.10.17Available BOTH days
Young, LaurenVP-09: Media/ROC/LN VIP Access GateRubensteinlaurenyoung24@icloud.com8.11.17Available BOTH days
shafimeachum2x@gmail.com8.11.17Available Both Days


Event Staff Uniform

When representing Echelon as Event Staff, a professional uniform, appearance and demeanor will serve as a visual deterrent to unwanted activity and enhance your level of your personal safety. MIA Event Staff may be denied entry to the assigned site and relieved of duty if not in a correct, neat and clean uniform. Event Staff will be provided with a Red Event Staff Shirt at the Echelon Protection & Surveillance Security Trailer to complete their Event Staff Uniform. Event Staff should look like the picture on this page including:

  • Red MIA Event Staff polo shirt, neatly tucked into pants. (provided by Echelon at the event)
  • White t-shirt (plain white, no logos or graphics that do not show through the polo)
  • Black pants (no jeans, no shorts, no yoga or stretch pants)
  • If the weather is cold, you may wear black or white Under Armor beneath your Event Staff Shirt
  • In case of rain, plastic rain ponchos will be available at the Echelon Protection & Surveillance Security Trailer
  • Black shoes or sneakers, socks & belt (plain black)
  • Event ID Badge (For Supervisors, will be provided by Echelon at the event. Event Staff will not wear ID badges)
  • No hats or caps of any kind
  • No hoop earrings
  • Event Staff shirts must be returned to the Echelon Trailer after your last shift in order for you to be paid


Events of this size are often subject to directive changes and updates which are made daily.  Any changes or updates to the following directives will be posted on this page immediately.

MIA Event Staff for Saturday 9/2/17 and Sunday 9/3/17 have been hired by ECHELON PROTECTION & SURVEILLANCE.

Your basic job as Event Staff is to follow the specific directives of your post and shift as provided by your ECHELON Supervisor. Many of the Event Staff positions will be:

  • Checking credentials
  • Answering questions
  • Helping festival attendees
  • Providing directions
  • Keeping people from going into restricted areas
  • Reporting unwanted, unsafe or illegal activity
  • Being a brand ambassador and good will builder for Made In America and Echelon Protection & Surveillance

Do your best to represent ECHELON well, by being friendly, patient, polite and helpful. Keep alert, be mindful of your surroundings and report any suspicious, unwanted or illegal activity to your Supervisor immediately. If you don’t know an answer to a question, try to direct them to someone who may know the answer.

CELL PHONE use should be work related only with minimal personal use, which includes: NO photos, NO Social Media Posts, NO Texting, NO Selfies and NO Autographs.

When you need to use the restroom, tell your Supervisor and they will stand your post while you are away. Never leave your post without permission or being properly replaced by your Supervisor.

There will be a designated SECURITY AREA where you may take your breaks, hydrate and enjoy snacks or lunch. There will be WATER and BOX LUNCHS provided for Event Staff who are working more than a 9 hour shift. If you are working an 8 hour shift, we suggest bringing your own snacks.

Contact Info

Emergency Contact Numbers:

In the event of an emergency or immediate need for fire, police or ambulance, CALL 911 and contact your Supervisor.

Important Echelon Contact Numbers

NameContact Number
 Echelon Office610.831.0277
 Scott McClatchy917.940.6946
 David Rubenstein215.520.0019
 Dave Fox610.585.9985 
 Dave Bishop215.859.2481


How do I get paid? 

Echelon will issue a check mailed directly to the address you provided on your application for the confirmed times that you worked. IN ORDER TO BE PAID, you must CHECK-IN each day when you start, CHECK-OUT each day when your shift is completed, and RETURN YOUR EVENT STAFF SHIRT to the Echelon Protection & Surveillance Security Trailer after your final shift. Your check will arrive within 10 days after the event.

What should I do if I am late or cannot honor my shift?

If you are going to be late or cannot honor your shift commitment, call Echelon as soon as possible at 610-831-0277 and inform us of your status. If you are planning on parking in a lot, we suggest that you get to the event approximately one hour in advance of your shift start to allow yourself enough time to park, get to the venue, get your Event Staff shirt and check-in. Keep in mind, MIA is expecting about 60,000 people each day, so it is going to be very congested in that area.

Where do I report when I get there? 

Enter through the VENDOR ENTRANCE on 22nd Street. There will be an ECHELON Security Trailer and tent located inside. Come to the tent and a Supervisor will check you in and provide you with an Event Staff Shirt and Event Staff ID to complete your uniform. IMPORTANT: Please bring a picture ID with you (DRIVERS LICENSE OR STUDENT ID) because you will need ID to get your staff credentials. If you are working more than one day, you still need to check-in each day and will be responsible for bringing your credential ID with you.

Is there some place to store personal items, bag or backpack?

Yes, you can leave your bag in the designated security area.

What should we do about lunch?

It is recommended that you pack a few snacks to bring with you. There is a tent with tables and chairs in the security area where you can eat during your break. A box lunch will be provided if you are working more than a 9 hour shift. Water will be provided for all Event Staff. There will also be food vendors onsite, but lines will be long and your break time is limited.

How and when do we get breaks?

Your Supervisor will advise as to when you make take your two (2) fifteen (15) minute breaks. Never leave your assigned post without a Supervisor’s permission or you may not be paid.

Can we wear hats?

Hats will not be part of your MIA uniform. We recommend that you bring sun screen, as it may be quite warm all weekend.

Legal Agreement

What am I agreeing to?


By accepting security guard or event staff work or duty as a full time or part time employee of Echelon for this client or event I agree to the following rules and regulations that apply to me in this document.


Echelon shall perform periodic unannounced inspections of assigned security and event staff as are reasonable and necessary to assure full compliance with the provisions of our security contract. To this end, Client authorizes the duly assigned supervisory personnel such shall be necessary to perform these duties.

Term of Agreement:

This Agreement and its terms shall be effective on an annual basis. The Agreement can be cancelled per Client or Echelon at any time with a thirty day written notice. In the absence of written notice from either party to the other, this Agreement is to remain in effect for an indefinite period. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Echelon may terminate this Agreement for lack of receiving payment of monies due hereunder or upon a filing of a petition in bankruptcy by or against Client.

Hazardous Materials or Conditions:

Client shall provide, or cause the owner of the facility to provide, Echelon a written list of specific information regarding hazardous materials or conditions to which Echelon employees would be exposed.  Hazards include but are not limited to, hazardous chemicals, radioactive material, high voltage electrical equipment and wires, electric fences, dumps, animal traps, and structural defects. If additional hazards or conditions occur while Echelon is in the employ of Client, Client will provide this information within 24 hours to Echelon.

Limitation of Liability:

It is understood that Echelon is being engaged to utilize reasonable efforts in providing security services to the Client. Echelon is not an insurer and the rates being paid are for a security service designed to diminish certain risks of loss, which are not related in any way to the value of the personal or real property protected.  Amounts billed hereunder are insufficient to guarantee, implied or otherwise, that no loss will occur due to theft, sabotage, vandalism, systemic error, etc.

Echelon will not be responsible for, or pay for loss, damage, or theft of Staff property unless said damage or loss is actually a result of the gross negligence of an Echelon employee. In the event of an allegation of loss or theft of Client property, Echelon must be notified within twenty-four hours of discovery Echelon total liability under this Agreement shall be limited to the amounts their insurance shall cover. Echelon shall not be held liable for any third party acts. Echelon will carry all statutory workers compensation coverage for all employees stationed at client’s premises.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

Echelon Protection & Surveillance, LLC, and its security agents and staff acknowledge they may have access to confidential information including, but not limited to, proprietary business information relating to Clients and their employees. This includes information viewed on-line, in print, in other media, or received verbally.

All exposure to the client and their work environment will be deemed highly confidential and not be repeated or shared verbally or electronically including any modern social media formats.

All Security Agents been advised by Echelon Protection & Surveillance, and have signed a document of understanding that the disclosure of confidential information to others who do not have a legal right to the information may violate the Family Educational     Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), the Health Insurance Privacy Portability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), and/or other federal and state laws.

Termination of Employees:

Echelon agrees to remove any of its employees which the Client reasonably deems to be unsatisfactory upon the request of the Client specifying the unsatisfactory conduct complained of in writing.


The conduct of the our Agents and Event Staff is to be guided by the EPS Agent’s Manual, by written standard rules provided by the Client, and by any other special written directives or instructions that may be provided by the Client.

Specific Requirements:

The Client will provide Echelon management written specific requirements that it wishes Echelon to implement in addition to normal security procedures. The Client may modify the requirements with a written notice to Echelon management

Binding Effect:

This Agreement shall insure to the benefit of, and be binding upon, the contracted parties hereto and their respective successors and permitted assigns. Nothing in this Agreement, expressed or implied, is intended to confer on any person other than the parties hereto and their respective successors or permitted assigns, any rights, remedies, obligations or liabilities under or by reason of this agreement.

Integration and Amendment:

This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the parties hereto including Echelon full time or part time Staff with respect to the subject matter hereof superseding all prior agreements or representations whether written or oral and may not be amended or modified except by the written Agreement of the parties hereto.

Legal Construction:

In case any one or more of the provisions contained in this Agreement shall for any reason be held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any respect, such invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability shall be construed as if such invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provision had never been contained herein.

All notices are to be sent by mail to:

Echelon Protection & Surveillance, LLC.
542 North Lewis Road, # 103
Limerick, PA 19468

Independent Contractor Taxes:

This Agreement provides for the retention of the services of Echelon as an independent contractor and neither Echelon nor its employees shall be considered an employee of Client for any purpose whatsoever. Echelon acknowledges that it shall be responsible for workers compensation insurance for its employees providing services hereunder and for income taxes on the compensation received by Echelon pursuant to this Agreement.

This Agreement has been made and is to be performed in, and shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Individuals used shall be employees of Echelon, an independent contractor. The payment of Federal, State and/or Commonwealth taxes, social security benefits, unemployment compensation taxes and wages shall be the responsibility of Echelon.

Echelon will indemnify and hold harmless from any and all actions of Echelon employees while providing services for the client.

Echelon certifies to client that it is properly licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the states of New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware, to conduct the business of Security and Event Staffing. Echelon certifies that it is fully insured for Commercial General Liability as well as errors and omissions and Workers Compensation claims, and it will obtain a certificate of insurance. Clients shall be considered additional insured. Echelon certifies that is properly Bonded.

Event Staff Check-in

EVENT STAFF will enter the Made In America Festival through the marked EMPLOYEE ENTRANCE at North 22nd Street & Park Towne Place. Once inside, look for the Security Compound on your left and CHECK-IN at the ECHELON PROTECTION & SURVEILLANCE trailer to pick up your EVENT STAFF SHIRT and confirm your post. You must RETURN YOUR SHIRT at the end of your last shift in order to get paid.  

Who's Who. Key People & Companies

1) Mike Bogosian – Overall Security Director for Made In America – His company is Sequel Tour Solutions.

2) John Langenstein – Assistant Director of Security for the event, Director of National Event Services (NES). NES will have other Supervisory personnel who will be handling internal grounds security

OTHER SECURITY COMPANIES: Echelon will be working in tandem with three other security companies. We all have our separate directives, posts and shifts – but the intent is to work together and support each other’s efforts.

3) DPS (Diversified Production Services) – is putting on the show. They will have a significant presence here so be aware of who you are talking to

4) Anheuser Busch (Budweiser) – The show has their name on it, so be aware of their people who will be in significant presence

5) Live Nation – co-producer of the show. Their national executives will be in attendance.

6) ROC Nation – Jay Z’s record company  – From a talent and artist standpoint, this is their show. For those working VIP areas and compounds, be on your game and be professional.

7) We are working directly for three sponsors  – TIDAL Streaming Service / SPRINT (Henry Agency) / FUSION (Univision Communications) – each is an important part of the event and have entrusted us to monitor their installations

8) The City Of Philadelphia – will have a large presence of dignitaries and officials in attendance all weekend.

PEOPLE ARE WATCHING: Echelon Event Staff should be mindful that there will be important people from many large companies watching them constantly, so it is critical for Event Staff to be professional and on their game the entire time they are wearing an Echelon Event Staff Security shirt.

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