The pandemic comes with all sorts of risks. A greater dependence on the Internet has exacerbated an already-existing threat in the form of identity theft. The crime continues to frighten and jeopardize the public on a vast scale.

In fact, the US Federal Trade Commission recorded 2.1 million reports of fraud in 2020 alone, most of which were imposter scams. Despite the efforts being made to protect systems, properties, and assets, it is anticipated that breaches will only increase in frequency and severity in the coming years. In such cases, hiring private investigators could be an option to solve identity theft if you’re targeted.

What Identity Theft Looks Like Today

No matter the type of identity theft committed, it is counted as a severe crime. According to the Department of Justice, identity theft is when unauthorized persons wrongfully obtain and use another individual’s data to commit fraud and deception for economic gain. These crimes are often carried out to access and steal money, called financial identity theft. It can also be a way to evade charges, which is called criminal identity theft. There’s also something called identity cloning which conceals their identity using yours, while medical identity theft involves using someone else’s insurance benefits to access healthcare for themselves. There is also child identity theft, which occurs when a minor’s identity is used for various forms of personal gain.

The impact of identity theft cannot be taken lightly. Financial losses can be significant, especially if criminals succeed in targeting individuals of influence, such as company leaders and government officials. It can cost businesses millions of dollars in the worst-case scenarios. Individuals also suffer the consequences, such as damaged credit scores and stolen personal finances. In addition, some criminals may work for large organizations that go on the offensive via terrorist acts or financial heists. Identity theft can occur practically anywhere, including in your very own property or network, so being prepared is of the utmost importance.

Private Investigations and Solving Identity Theft

Identity theft is a difficult situation to remedy, which is why professionals like private investigators are integral to your recovery and protection. This is particularly important when security is breached on your property. Private investigators can work to track down the criminal and advise you on ways to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Involving the authorities is essential because identity theft is considered a serious crime, especially when the thief has caused damage to you and your property. You can file a report with your local law enforcement so they can connect you to a professional with experience working in criminal justice. Aside from being trained in investigation processes and law enforcement, they will also have first-hand experience working with similar criminals in court cases. This knowledge gives them an edge in understanding the motives behind the crimes.

While identity theft can have a significant impact, taking steps to improve your on-site security can prevent it from happening again. Whether you are securing a construction site, your consulting firm, or even a school, taking measures such as installing security systems, performing background checks, hiring a watch guard, and registering any valuable equipment can all help to reduce the likelihood of identity theft. If your property deals with lots of supplies, then monitoring your inventory and standard lock-up procedures more closely is also something you should implement immediately. We at Echelon Protection & Surveillance can help you put a solid security infrastructure in place. As a privately-owned business, we can guarantee we will provide personal attention to every single one of our clients, so you know you’re safe with us.

Identity theft can be a harrowing experience, and feeling safe again may take some time. However, knowing that the right professionals will do what they can to recover what is lost can help you keep yourself and your property safer. 


A guest blog article by Ada Travis