Three unifomred security guardsTerrorism is one of the gravest problems that society faces today and is an issue of both national and global concern. The violence, damage and destruction from a terrorist attack can be felt across the globe, which is why it’s now imperative that we become more involved in a strategic vision to protect ourselves, our territory and work towards preventing such horrific events.

Due to high visibility and value, top locations to protect from terroristic acts are public venues, where our friends, families and colleagues attend in large numbers for a variety of events. Incidents in schools, stadiums, movie theaters and more have taken place in all areas of our country and can create catastrophic damage and loss to our society. Although these spaces continue to be active targets for terrorists, there is often minimal presence of trained security protecting them. Yet preventing these situations requires expertly trained and certified guards who can assess and coordinate an effective deterrent or response.

As we’ve mentioned, the best way to reduce risk is to engineer a prevention method and having security that are highly-trained in a variety of comprehensive protective services in the event of a crisis can fulfill that. Securing an environment that houses hundreds to thousands of individuals takes specialized skill, such as crowd control, emergency response, behavior management and anti-terrorism deterrents, which only certified security experts can provide.

Security officials will also work with your business to conduct a plan to significantly decrease liability and adapt to changes in a threatening environment. When a location for potential damage is so high that a malicious individual may decide to target such a place, the risk is too great to not have proper protection on site.

The recent terrorist attack at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, currently the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, had insufficient security onsite along with the deadly attacks in Paris, France and the Boston Marathon bombing. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), about 90% of venues that aren’t prepared for an emergency fail within two years of being struck by a crisis. Ultimately, businesses must start implementing robust, appropriate security plans to protect their organization and help their patrons feel safe and secure.

Terrorists attacks continue to evolve, and we must keep pace by staying vigilant with our security measures. Investing in proper security prevents the risk of terrorism. Additionally, properly trained and certified security officers assist not only in averting the loss of property and valuables, but more importantly, in averting the loss of precious lives as well.