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School & Campus Security

School & Campus Security

As a decision maker for school security, it’s your responsibility to ensure the protection and safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors on a daily basis. Today, minimum security measures such as untrained guards or teachers acting as bus, lunchroom and hall monitors is simply not enough to make certain everyone person is safe. Echelon provides trained and certified security officers. Our agents have over 15 years of experience working with schools and provide a strong deterrent to stop criminal activity or violence before it starts or grows out of control. We have the services and technology to handle all your school’s security, surveillance and events including athletics, fundraisers, back-to-school night, dances, board meetings, plays and concerts.

Security challenges in schools includes everything from bullying, threatening,violence, theft, larceny, vandalism and the much publicized shootings. Your community deserves a safe and secure  environment to teach and learn in. Hiring Echelon means peace-of-mind, knowing your security is vigilant and well prepared to handle any situation because we take the time to personally vet, train and hire only the most experienced security professionals. Our security officers work in tandem with your Principal, School Resource Officer, Athletic Director, Disciplinarian or existing security team.

We offer expert, strategic planning to give you the best in safety and protection protocols before, during, and after your school’s event. Supplementary or emergency “quick response” teams are also available for last minute security challenges.That’s why Echelon is currently the security provider of choice for over 20 school and campuses (public, private and parochial) in the South Eastern PA region.


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