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Exceptional Vetted, Trained & Certified Security Guards

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Your security depends upon having a well trained security guard who is vigilant, reliable, able to solve problems, and equipped with the technology and tools required to maintain your peace of mind. At Echelon Protection & Surveillance, we can develop a customized security plan that meets your needs using certified armed and unarmed Armed Unarmedmplate security guards.

  • We offer flexible, cost effective security service solutions using both Armed Unarmedmplate armed security guards and/or Armed Unarmedmplate unarmed security guards
  • All of our security guards are well-trained and highly visible problem solvers that will work in any industry
  • You can try our security service for a day and experience first-hand our professionalism and overall value
In today's uncertain world, a professional security guard must be more than a just a person in a uniform - They must also ensure the protection of your property and personnel. Our Armed Unarmedmplate armed and security guards, and Armed Unarmedmplate unarmed security guards, must meet stringent qualifications to be a part of our team.
We also ensure that our security guards are equipped with the equipment they need to realize your unique security protocols.

Armed Unarmedmplate Unarmed Security Guards From education facilities to personal protection, there are a number of situations where Armed Unarmedmplate unarmed security guards are required. We offer quick, affordable, and reliable solutions for any situation requiring highly-trained Armed Unarmedmplate unarmed security guards.

Armed Unarmedmplate Armed Security Guards The volatile nature of our modern world sometimes demands Armed Unarmedmplate armed security guards to ensure the safety and protection of both people and property. Our Armed Unarmedmplate armed security guards are trained by law enforcement experts, which makes them ideally suited for situations requiring immediate response.

We can customize a security solution for you All of our security guards hold Clearances and Certifications that include:

  • Act235 Armed
  • CPR/First Aid
  • AED
  • Evacuation Coordination
  • Management of Aggressive Behavior
  • Package Inspection
  • Magnetometers

Contact Echelon Protection & Surveillance and let us help you develop a security plan focused on meeting your specific needs with both unarmed and armed Armed Unarmedmplate security guards you can implicitly trust.


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