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Private Investigator & Undercover Agent Investigations

Private Investigator

Private Detective & Undercover Agent Investigations

  • A private detective from Echelon Protection & Security can conduct valuable information gathering for the public or private sector, and within any industry
  • Our private investigators are licensed, certified, and experienced surveillance and investigations experts
  • Echelon’s private investigators will supply you with the proof you need to move forward or take action
  • Detailed reports, records, and documents from a private detective can alleviate concerns or confirm doubts and suspicions
  • Our security experts can help you interpret information collected by an Echelon undercover agent or private investigator
  • We also offer bilingual investigators
  • We provide guidance from experts in many fields of security

Private Investigations – When You Need Proof or Peace of Mind

Are you feeling uncomfortable regarding the trustworthiness of someone close to you, or have suspicions of dishonesty? Do you have reason to believe that an employee is stealing merchandise or money? Do you need help securing evidence of insurance fraud, or some other criminal activity to create a legal case against an untrustworthy individual?

At Echelon Protection & Security, we offer private investigations and undercover agent services for the public and private sector. If you have suspicions or doubts, a private detective can help supply you with the proof, evidence, or documentation you need to take action, or provide peace of mind that your suspicions were unfounded.

From comprehensive state and federal background checks, to physical surveillance by a certified private detective, we will gather the information you need through a variety of sources. Then we will help you interpret the data, so that you can convert the information into evidence that may be used in court, if necessary.

Private Investigator

Discreet Private Investigations in Any Industry

A private detective is capable of everything from basic information gathering in the form of a comprehensive background check, to surveillance on the ground to collect photographic evidence that can be used to prove unlawful or unethical behavior.

Discretion is our top priority when conducting private investigations or undercover work, ensuring that your interests are protected and your liability reduced. Our private investigators are certified and experienced surveillance professionals, many of which are bilingual, with comprehensive training, and an extensive background in the field.

Private investigations can prove valuable in any professional field and the private sector. Consider the following examples:

  • Law Firms – We work directly with lawyers and other legal entities to help supply evidence that can be used to bolster a case. Our comprehensive professional investigator and detective service means we are capable of becoming your permanent surveillance and investigations partner. This is advantageous because we can streamline our private detective service based on your individual needs and workflow, eliminating waste while reducing costs.
  • Schools and Campuses – The integrity of your faculty is paramount when it comes to risk management and reducing liability on campus. Our professional investigators can conduct comprehensive background checks on every prospective faculty member to check for everything from criminal histories to outstanding traffic tickets. We are also capable of doing student residency checks.
  • Insurance Companies – Insurance fraud is at an all-time high. A private detective can conduct physical surveillance on an insured party if you have suspicions that their claim is dishonest. Your private investigator can supply photographs and documents of the party in question, if they exhibit behavior that contradicts their claim of injury.
  • Retail Outlets – Employee theft is pervasive, and it can cost you both in stolen merchandise and lost revenue. At times, groups of employees work together to steal from a employer, so it makes sense to use a private investigator or undercover agent if you suspect an employee is guilty of stealing merchandise or money. An investigator can also conduct a thorough background check on prospective employees to ensure they have a clean record and no prior incidences of theft or fraud.
  • Personal Estate – Sometimes an investigator may be used in the private sector to conduct a background check, or conduct a physical investigation in order to protect personal property and family members. Our experts can help you interpret information to ensure you fully understand how certain past behaviors may indicate a history of impropriety.
  • Anyone that Needs Information or Proof – Whether you’re in the public or private sector, our investigators can find and collect information you need to prove your suspicions, or put your mind at ease. From protecting your family to your most valued assets, your private detective will supply you with the information and proof you need to move forward with your life without worry or doubt.

The Difference Between Information and Proof

Although general background checks are available via the web, information on its own is useless without the means to interpret it, or guidance on what to do with your information when it’s needed in court or facilitate other changes in behavior.

The role of a private detective or undercover agent is to provide proof when suspicions of impropriety arise. This may be accomplished by securing documents, photographs of the party in question, or procuring hard-to-find financial or legal reports.

If you have personal or business related doubts or concerns, the only way to ease your mind is to gather proof. When our detectives conduct an investigation, they supply you with comprehensive reports that include all pertinent information, so that you can take the appropriate follow-up action necessary.

Contact One Of Our Investigations Experts Today

Start getting answers by speaking with one of our certified, licensed, and experienced investigators today. We can also supply private investigators and undercover agents as part of a more comprehensive security package that may include officers and video surveillance.

We want to be your partner in protecting you, your family, or your business. Our affordable and flexible approach to security means we can work within your budget, offering discreet and professional private investigations to the public and private sector.

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