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Stadium Security

Stadium Security & Concert Security

• Based on recent events, ensuring the security of large crowds in gathering places like stadiums and theaters is more important than ever
• We can adapt a security plan to your specific needs with stadium and concert security guards capable of addressing anti-terrorism concerns
• Our specially trained stadium security guards are expert problem solvers – certified in crisis management, emergency evacuation, and First Aid
• You can customize a security solution customized for large crowds, based on the size of your venue, duration of your event, and the number of attendees
• Echelon’s certified stadium and concert security guards add value by acting as a representative of your brand and a goodwill builder

Our Stadium & Concert Security Guards are Trained to Handle Terrorist Threats

The ever-increasing risk of terrorist acts poses unique security challenges to any venue with a capacity for large crowds, such as an event, concert hall, movie theater, or stadium. These random acts of violence often come without warning, putting large numbers of innocent people at significant risk of bodily injury or death. Preventing these situations requires comprehensive training to assess and coordinate an effective deterrent and response based on the nature of the threat.

At Echelon Protection & Surveillance, we supply you with highly-trained and certified security guards who are not only capable of handling sudden and unexpected security challenges, but are also specifically trained to work seamlessly with the public. This is important, because your goal should not only be to reduce risk and liability, but also ensure that your guests enjoy their experience in the most secure environment possible.

Our security experts are trained in a wide variety of protective services, so you can remain confident that the guards you hire will deftly handle any situation that arises. Some of the solutions our concert and stadium security guards provide include:

• Anti-terrorism deterrent and response
• VIP personal protection
• ID and access control
• Magnetometers
• Emergency response, First Aid, and AED
• Management of Aggressive Behavior
• Crowd, traffic, and parking control

Security Guards that Specifically Suit Your Environment and Culture
Depending on the nature of your event or facility, you may want to hire highly visible security guards that act as a deterrent, or plainclothes officers that blend in with the crowd and observe for potential threats. You may also want to hire certified armed guards for added protection, or some combination of personnel, each trained with specific security protocols to address a variety of concerns or threats.

We will work with you to develop a stadium security plan that does far more than offer an imposing presence and the “appearance of security.” As your trusted security partner, we can customize protocols that significantly decrease risk and liability while maximizing your security budget.

Our certified security guards are fully trained to handle crisis situations by taking appropriate actions to protect guests. They are fully equipped to handle medical emergencies by administering First Aid, CPR, or other specific life saving measures.

Additionally, our stadium and concert security guards are trained to serve the public, adding value to your event by acting a concierge and trusted authority figure. You can rest assured that any attendee’s problem will be solved by a highly-trained, capable problem solver, fully focused on your best interests and the safety and security of your patrons.

Concert Security

Echelon – A Flexible Security Partner

At Echelon Protection & Surveillance, we understand that trust in your security provider is paramount. Dealing with large crowds at concerts, movie theaters, and stadiums, requires flexibility because every event demands its own unique approach to security. A sudden and unexpected threat may also require updated protocols and an increase in the number of security guards at your venue, but no matter what obstacles present themselves, we are prepared to protect your people and secure your property or venue.

This flexibility gives you a cost-effective and highly efficient way to optimize your security budget. You can adjust the number of guards at your venue, and the amount of time they work, depending on the situation. As your event takes shape, we will coordinate all personnel to act as one coherent body, so that unexpected threats are handled by a seamless team of security experts rather than a single guard.

We want to become your security solutions partner, capable of solving issues when they arise by implementing security guard plans and protocols that align with your specific business needs.

Guards Specifically Trained for Concert and Stadium Security

Every one of our guards undergoes an exhaustive training and vetting process, ensuring that your security is provided by the best officers in the industry. Each Echelon security guard must maintain clearances and certifications that include:

  • CPR and First Aid training
  • Criminal history and child abuse clearance
  • Annual random drug testing
  • Evacuation coordination
  • Management of Aggressive Behavior
  • Package inspection
  • Use of force training
  • Access control
  • Metal detectors and wands
  • Anti-terrorism awareness training

Our concert and stadium security guards must also document and verify their work detail activities. This requirement keeps them engaged, on task, and provides you with the assurance that your venue is secured and your security budget is being allocated wisely.

Echelon’s certified security guards may also be trained to operate on-site equipment including, alarms, CCTV surveillance, and metal detectors. Our guards represent your brand or business by taking pride in their dress, maintaining a well-groomed appearance and healthy physique.

Keep Your Patrons, Fans, and Guests Safe with Our Flexible Security Services

Locations that accommodate large crowds, like stadiums and theaters, present distinct security challenges due to the size of the venue and the large number of people that often attend. Securing these venues has become even more challenging for event organizers, due to the ever-increasing threat of random terrorist attacks.

At Echelon Protection & Surveillance, we are ready to become your concert and stadium security partner, working together to develop comprehensive protocols that address terrorism concerns in the 21st century. Contact us today for a free consultation and find out more about our flexible security services for any size venue or crowd.

Our experts will assess every detail of your security challenges and then develop a comprehensive solution. Once you’ve reviewed your plan and price estimate, all you have to do is approve your security plan and we will move forward to secure your venue and keep every person safe.

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