In the U.S., construction site crimes are quite common. However, not many contractors and builders implement strict security measures. A construction site should be protected from any form of vandalism, theft, and anything that can delay the business operations.

As a general rule, in order to avoid trespassers and thieves, there are security measures that you should enforce. Here are some safety tips to follow on site:

  • First, you have to secure the perimeter and enclose your construction site. Build a security fence along your property of business.
  • Next, there should be enough lighting especially at night. Provide lighting to specific areas of the construction site.
  • Do not just allow anyone to enter (and exit) the premises. There should be limited access to the construction site. If you can, install lockable gates to certain areas allocated for storage.
  • Speaking of lockable gates, invest on high quality locks so that trespassers cannot easily tamper with the locks. Additionally, never leave keys anywhere. Never keep the locks open at all times. It is very counterproductive if you install high quality locks, and then, you just leave the gates open for everyone to enter.
  • Clear the area near your security fence, and place warning signs to refrain unauthorized persons from entering the construction site.
  • After a long day, inspect the construction site before locking the gates to make sure nothing has been tampered or stolen.
  • Limit the vehicle access to the construction site, and if they need to, visitors should park outside the site. Allocate certain areas for visitors and other guests to park, and they should only enter through a designated entrance.
  • If the scope of the site is too big, you might want to hire security guards to ensure the safety of the location. These guards can patrol the construction. Additionally, you should be able to coordinate with them using a communication device.
  • Have a CCTV monitoring system installed in order to capture every visitor or guest entering the premises. Everyone, entering and exiting the construction site, should be monitored.

A Construction Site Security Plan to Help You Save Money

The price of lost materials or damaged equipment can have a huge impact on your business. Delays, due to vandalism and theft, would mean work delays. This will hamper the operations of your business, and it will lead to the damage of your brand’s image.

Bigger companies can implement a forceful construction site security protocols because they have the budget. However, small contractors, more often than not, neglect these security measures. This is where we can help you!

At Echelon, we will let you choose from a variety of construction site security options. We can even customize your security protocols depending on your allocated budgetary demands and changing needs. To inquire for a quote, you can call us at 1-610-831-0277 or email us at  Visit the Echelon Protection & Surveillance website for more information.