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Unarmed Security Guard
 Central New Jersey Salary Range: 11.0000 To 13.0000 (USD) Hourly
Worker Category: Part Time
Job Class: Manual Labor

Echelon Protection & Surveillance is hiring for an unarmed Security Guard to work our site in  NJ. Work will start immediately. Security Guard experience is preferred, but not necessary. We offer PAID on the job training. Salary: $11-$13/hr.  Candidates must have: 1) NJ SORA CARD; 2) Drivers License. Candidates must have reliable transportation (re: your own car) and a working cell phone to qualify for the position.



Job Title:

Echelon Protection & Surveillance (EPS) Security Officer


Job Description:

The EPS Security Officer is responsible for providing for the safety and security of client, client property, and personnel at an assigned site or event.


Major Areas of Responsibility:

· Monitors and surveils an assigned client site.

· Responds to any incident that involves safety, security, medical emergency, fire, criminal activity, or other unsafe condition.

· Reports any incident that occurs at the client site, per site protocols.

· Contacts, coordinates, and cooperates with law enforcement agencies when an incident involves that agency’s response.

· Protects and preserves any scene or evidence at the site when further investigation is necessary.

· Assists with traffic direction and/or parking at the assigned site.

· Conducts required patrols of the client’s site on foot or in a vehicle.

· Inspects any safety equipment, fire suppression apparatus, or protective devices.

· Controls access to the client site.

· Uses appropriate measures to preserve order and ensure the safety and security of the client, the client site, and site personnel.

· Prepares any required site or incident documentation.


Job Requirements:

A prospective EPS Security Officer must meet one of the following criteria:

· Law enforcement experience

· Other public safety experience

· Correctional officer experience

· Military experience within the past three years

· Graduate of an accredited police academy

· High school diploma or GED

· One year of prior satisfactory security experience


Additionally, a prospective EPS Security Officer must:

· Be able to make foot patrols of up to a half-hour, and/or stand for long periods of time.

· Be able to walk over uneven terrain and navigate inclines and stairs.

· Be able to read and write, as well as print clearly and legibly.

· Be able to work variable hours and shifts.

· Hold a valid Driver’s License.

· Be able to communicate clearly and effectively with others.

· Have the ability to reasonably protect themselves and others.

· Be able to follow both verbal and written directions.

· Have access to a motor vehicle at all times.

· Maintain a “Smart” telephone with Internet capability for proper communication.

· Maintain an active e-mail account.

· Demonstrate basic computer skills.

· Successfully complete the Echelon Orientation Course.

· Pass a pre-employment drug screen.

· Be capable of occasional lifting of objects weighing up to twenty-five pounds.


Echelon Protection and Surveillance is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and it does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its employment practices.