No matter the size or experience of your company, security policies are a necessary part of any smart construction plan. A good rule of thumb is to have security protocols in place as soon as equipment and materials are delivered. So, even in the very early stages of the building process, the construction site should be protected from vandalism, theft, and liability if you want to mitigate costly delays.

Tested and proven jobsite security policies will assure employees, visitors, and contractors that you are doing your best to keep your construction site safe and secure for all stakeholders. Security policies are designed to avoid damaged or stolen tools, equipment and materials. Moreover, policies can include data privacy, and physical security.

7 Quick Tips to Secure Your Construction Site

Implement an ID system with a strong security password

First, you need to make sure that everyone has a unique identifier. It is not enough that employees wear their ID cards. Also, there should be personal identification number (or PIN code) for accessing certain tools, materials, storage trailers, and equipment. Avoid using easily guessed PIN codes, like birthdays.

Control access to high value materials and equipment

Tools and equipment should be locked in a safe place when not in use. Access cards should be granted to authorize personnel only. If employees quit their job or have no background check on file, the access should be revoked. All employees should be reminded to protect their PINs from others. At the same time, you should assess whether employees need to access what tools and equipment.

Restrict usage of smart phones

Limiting personal cell phone use at the construction site will help stop accidental security breaches, such as taking photos of unguarded access points, where valuable tools are stored, what type of materials are on-site, or sharing other sensitive information – especially on social media. As you develop jobsite phone policies, try to strike a balance between employee needs and common-sense construction site security. Most employees need to contact their families sometime during the day. However, any jobsite photos should be seen as proprietary information that is not to be shared.

Report losses and damages to support all stakeholders

Develop, explain and enforce clear steps for reporting any jobsite vandalism, loss or damage. Managing an organized jobsite includes documentation for accounting, legal issues and security purposes.

Maintain a visitor access control policy with physical security

When subcontractors, deliveries, or visitors enter the construction site, proper ID verification and documentation is a must. Visitors policies should include check-in and out with security guards at access control points. The guards should be supplied with a current checklist of all those who may enter the site. This list includes: materials to be delivered, subcontractors, equipment, or any other visitors you anticipate. If someone is not on the list and requests entry, the security guards should be provided with a “call down list” of who to contact to gain permission to enter, including the Foreman, Construction Manager or Supervisor.

Empower your workers buy getting buy-in.

For on-site security strategies to be effective, it is important to engage and empower your team by explaining why these procedures are important and how they affect the real-world bottom line. Make it easier for them by writing clear and practical policies. Mandating unrealistic policies that are too strict or time consuming may encourage employees to do the exact opposite. Good security plans need practice and oversight — until the practice becomes standard operating procedure.

A Detailed Construction Site Security Plan for Your Business!

Remember, unwatched construction sites are easy targets for vandalism, arson and theft. Damaged equipment and stolen materials can lead to costly delays, affecting your reputation, business operations and bottom line. At Echelon Protection & Surveillance, we work with you to develop a tested and proven plan for your construction site security in order to deter unwanted and illegal activity while mitigating risks, threats, hazard and liability. For more information, please contact us at (610) 831-0277 or